Monday 12th October -

Captains Day at Winscombe. The  season ended with a match between teams representing Captain Lewis Collier and President Colin Westlake, the Captain’s side winning by 14 shots. After the game the players were joined by their ladies in the pavilion for an excellent supper provided by Lewis and Janet. Thanks to the generosity of the member’s  £270 was collected on the day in aid of the Samson Chivatsi African Childrens Appeal

Captain 97 President 83 ( Captain’s team names first)

N Hansford, B Paul, A Dudley, L Collier 18 G Lloyd, M Dorrington, A Pye, C Westlake 18; R Knight, K Headford, R Lacy, R Wootten 17 A Brand, D Peakall, M Hunter, R Roberts 19; G Tofte, J Bearman, J Baker 22 J Vincent, J Smith, A Watson 18; G Bull, K Whatling, M Nash 21 D Owen, G Neville, T Ellis 18; J Blewitt, W Ainsworth, R Feltham 19 R Weller, B White, L Baldwin 10.

Results of Winscombe Club Competitions - 2009

Mike Adams held off a strong challenge from Rob Lacy to retain the title of Club Champion.

Singles........ ...Winner: M K Adams........ Runner Up: R Lacy

Two Wood...... Winner: M K Adams........ Runner Up: R Lacy

Pairs ..............Winners: R Lowman/G Neville Runners Up : M Nash/ K Whatling

H/C Singles.... Winner: R Lowman........Runner Up: A Watson

H/C Pairs........Winners: A Pye/ R Lowman   Runners Up: A Brand/R Wootten

Triples ............Winners : D Owen, W Ainsworth, M Adams  Runers Up: J Smith,  L Collier, R Lowman

Fred Anthony...Winner: B Prince............ Runner Up: D Beaverstock

Veterans......... Winner: G Neville........... Runner Up: D Beaverstock


Greenkeeper’s  Two Wood Pairs   Winners: A Brand/A Dudley   Runners Up: J Smith/A Watson

Mixed Pairs:       Winners: M Flay/M Nash  Runners Up: L Whatling/K Whatling   

Ladies Singles   Winner: S Lowman          Runner Up: M.Adams

Ladies Pairs        Winners: J Kimmins/S Lowman Runners Up: R Keane/M Adams


St Andrews A were convincing winners of the 2009 Winscombe Flood Light Tournament. Trophies and prizes were presented by Tim Phillips of Tim Philips Wealth Management, sponsor of this year’s event

Results (Week 4 )  :  Victoria B 5 Congresbury B 29; Clevedon A 5  Burnham A 27; Winscombe A 17 Nailsea A 16;
Clarence B 18 Congresbury E 12

1st Round Playoffs :- Ashcombe B 14 St Andrews A 16; Congresbury B 9 Winscombe D 18;

Qtr Finals:- St Andrews A 18 Clarence A 10; Winscombe D 18 Wyrral Park A 17;
                    Banwell D 12 Ardagh B 13; Clarence B 22 Banwell A 13
Semi Finals:- Ardagh B 13 Winscombe D 15; St Andrews A 13 Clarence B 12

FINAL :- St Andrews A (J Davies R Venn, E Mawgan W Harrison) 29 Winscombe D(W Ainsworth, M Hunt, M Hunter, A Watts) 2

THIRD & FOURTH PLACE:- Clarence B (P Barnbrook, R Noddins, I Barnbrook, B Forse) 18 Ardagh B (M Lewis, F Chudley, A Smith, P Junes) 17