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Results for Week Ending 20th July 2013



City of Wells









Winscombe Men's Open Triples was won by City of Wells who beat Congresbury in the final between the winners of the two sections.The runners up final was won by Bridgwater skipped by Len Elsworth who has been attending this tournament for the last 29 years. In 4th place was Taunton Bowling Club. Prizes were presented by Rod Feltham Managing Director of sponsors Avoncrop Amenity Products .
In the Weston and District Over 60's Triples League a rehearsal for the KO Cup game was played at home against Victoria Saxons. This resulted in a win for the home team with only one rink losing. The friendly Triples match against Wyrral Park was yet another close game. Winscombe again lost too many shots on the last end to lose overall by 3 shots. The mid week Clevedon & District Evening League saw Winscombe visit Long Ashton and came away with 7 of the 8 points on offer. The return Mixed Friendly with Severn Vale also saw the home team notch up another win.

In the County League only the B and C Teams were playing. The home B Team game had been switched to a morning game to make way for the Regional Final of the Middleton Cup in the afternoon. The green was packed and Devon beat Wiltshire to reach the National Finals.


Lew Collier hands over the Winscombe Green to officials of Devonshire,Wiltshire and Bowls England

For the Winscombe B Team the result was not to be a much needed win. They lost on all 3 rinks against Congresbury A. The Winscombe C Team were away at Clevedon Prom C and they too managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory . On two rinks the score was a mirror image 25-13/13-25 so it was all down to the 3rd rink skipped by George Hill supported by Rob Sapsford, Roy Fisher and Bob Weller. Needing 2 shots to draw on the last end George fired ,hit the target but the jack sprung to a Prom wood and the game and match was lost by 2 shots.

Winacombe 100(17pts) v Victoria Saxons 92(3pts)(Weston Over 60's League): J Sprouting(c),A Watts,M Adams 21 - 11; K Whatling, M Nash, P Fredersdorff 11 - 10; G Lloyd,M Hunter,W Ainsworth 15 - 15; P Hopes,L Baldwin,R Lowman 21 - 20; G Coombe, R Kibble, G Neville 16 - 22; R Wootten,L Collier,T Ellis 16 - 14
Winscombe 89 v Wyrral Park 92 ( Friendly Triples Home):P John, M Dorrington, M Nash 7 - 22; R Wootten, L Collier,T Ellis 16 - 12; N Hansford,W Ainsworth , M Adams 11 - 17;R Sapsford, K Whatling(c), A Dudley 27 - 14; J Swift, G Neville, R Lowman 22 - 10; R Fisher, M Hunter, R Lacy 6 - 17
Winscombe 96(7pts) v Long Ashton 64 (1pt)(Clevedon & District Evening league): S Easterby, R Feltham, A Dudley, M Adams 25 -12; A Watts, R Kibble, R Lowman, R Birmingham 10 - 30; R Wootten, W Ainsworth, L Collier,T Ellis 29 - 14; N Hansford, R Fisher, M Dorrington(c), M Nash 32 -8
Winscombe 90 v Severn Vale 87(Mixed Friendly): D Johnson,A Hart, D Sapsford,G Coombe 20 - 8; S Lowis,R Hart,D Beaverstock, M Hunt 14 - 11; L Parfitt, K Symons, R Weller, M Hunter 10 - 16; D Rush, B Prince, P John, P Hopes 13 - 26; M Sprouting, J Wiles, R Sapsford, J Sprouting(c)15 - 13; P Burns, J Smith, D Owen, G Hill 18 – 13
Winscombe B 45 v Congresbury A 70(12pts)(SCL Div 1 North): D Johnson, A Pye, M Nash, G Neville 15 - 19; G Coombe, L Baldwin, A Watts, R Birmingham 11 - 25; M Dorrington©, J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 19 - 25
Winscombe C 51(2pts) v Clevedon Prom C 53(10pts)(SCL Div 3 North Away): S Easterby, J Smith, P Hopes, R Kibble 25 – 13; D Beaverstock, B Prince, B Paul, M Hunt© 13 – 25, R Sapsford, R Fisher, R Weller, G Hill 15 - 17




Winscombe Ladies had a narrow defeat against Clevedon in their first outing in the Southey Cup
Winscombe Ladies created their own little bit of history this week with their first participation in the Southey Trophy Competition. They had a bye into the 4th round playing at home against Clevedon and despite losing 3 rinks to 1 they put up a creditable performance. Trixie Miles in the singles had a tough match and both the pairs and fours held their own for most of the game but finally went down 18 shots to 27 and 17 shots to 20. The triples hung on trying to gain as many shots as possible in case of a draw and finally won 26 to 17. Clevedon won by 3 points to 1 and go on to the next round.
The ladies first league game of the week in the NSTL played away to Portishead RBL resulted in an overall win for Winscombe by 7 shots. Eve Watts rink stormed ahead to a 27 shots to 8 win which covered the losses on the other two rinks.
Their match against Mark Moor in the Wessex League played at home was a victory by a very narrow margin. Once again the rink skipped by Eve Watts, supported by Maureen Sprouting, Sue Lowis and Sarah Lowman, came to the rescue with a win by 19 shots to 13 allowing the home team to win by just 2 shots.
The first round in the Iris Owen Trophy competition was played at home and Winscombe ladies have yet to win this competiton against St. Andrews.They lost this leg by 16 shots and will have to up their game in the next round to achieve that first win. The return match will be played in September at St. Andrews.
Winscombe 1pt v Clevedon 3pts (Southey Cup): Singles: T Miles 0; Pairs: S Lowman, M Adams 0; Triples : C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) - 1; Fours :M Sprouting, W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane – 0.
Winscombe 54 v Portishead RBL 47(NSTL League): C Hopes, W Weller, L Fredersdorff (C) 14 – 22; T Miles, J Rush, A Ainsworth 13 – 17;L Dyer, J Kimmins,E Watts 27 – 8
Winscombe 54 v Mark Moor 52(wessex League) : J Rush, P Heal, W Weller, L Fredersdorff 17 – 20; M Sprouting, S Lowis, S Lowman, E Watts 19 – 13; C Hopes, L Coombe, R Keane, A Ainsworth 18 – 19
Winscombe 32 v St. Andrews 48(Iris Owen Trophy Home): S Caddy,L Whatling, M Adams 11 – 14; T Miles, R Keane, L Fredersdorff 14 – 9; J Kimmins, E Watts, A Ainsworth 7 - 25

Results for Week Ending 13th July(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

For the 5th Round of the Wedmore Plate Winscombe visited Nailsea yet again, having been drawn against them in 3 KO trophies. Todate results had been shared with Winscombe winning the Over 60's Cup tie whilst Nailsea won the North Somerset Cup match. These together with the 2 Clevedon & District League games had all been close matches. This match was no different and after 15 ends  Nailsea led by just 1 shot across the rinks. Winscombe could not rally to finish well and although winning on 2 rinks and losing on 2 and even winning the 'extra end,' lost the match by 12 shots.

The 1st leg of our annual tussle with friends and local rivals Banwell for the Parrot Shield was played at Winscombe on a beautiful evening on a very fast green. The competition for bragging rights was , as usual, fierce with no holds barred. Winscombe won on 4 of the 5 rinks albeit by small margins but lost on the 5th by 11 shots which meant that Banwell have a 2 shot advantage at home in the 2nd leg in two weeks time. Before the game a spider was held and this together with the proceeds from the raffle was donated in memory of Alan Vickery's granddaughter to the "Lydia Biddlecombe Star Tribute Fund" which is part of the "Wallace and Grommit" appeal for the cardiac department of the Bristol Childrens hospital.

At Clevedon Prom in the Clevedon and District Evening League Winscombe looked like losing on all 5 rinks until the captain's rink (Ken Whatling,George Hill,Tony Watts and Mal Dorrington) needing 3 to draw on the last end in the gathering gloom, had 5 magnificent woods counting to win the rink by 2 shots . The match result however, was not in doubt . Clevedon Prom had a fine victory and secured 8 points to Winscombe's 1.

Winscombe played a mixed match against a touring team from Malden Manor winning by just 3 shots. Both the home team and the tourists took three rinks each in what was a very friendly and enjoyable game, and the final result of 110 shots to 107 was a fair reflection of the equality of the teams.


The Winscombe Greenkeepers 2 wood competition took place on a very hot afternoon. This is a 2 wood pairs round robin with pairs drawn into two sections. Play this year was 3 games of 8 ends with the final being the winners of each section. This was contested between Reg Birmingham with Bob Weller and Ronnie Wootten with Brian Paul. The winners being Reg and Bob who had enough shots after 8 ends of the 10 end final..

Winscombe 63 v Nailsea 75 (Wedmore Plate away): R Wootten,L Collier, R Lacy,T Ellis 11 - 24; M Dorrington, M Hunter, L Baldwin, M Nash 11 - 30; A Watts, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 25 - 9; G Lloyd, K Whatling(c), A Dudley, M Adams 17 - 12

Winscombe 84 v Banwell 86 (Parrot Shield 1st leg Home): R Wootten,L Collier,W Ainsworth,T Ellis 16 - 15; G Neville, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 19 - 17; R Lowman, J Sprouting, M Dorrington,M Nash 10 - 21; G Coombe, K Whatling(c), A Watts, R Birmingham 20 - 18; G Lloyd, M Hunter, A Dudley, M Adams 19 - 15

Winscombe 70 (1pt) v Clevedon Prom 117 (8pts)(Clevedon& District Cooperative Funeralcare League ): S Easterby, G Matthews, W Ainsworth, M Adams 14 - 22; R Sapsford, B Paul, L Collier, R Lacy 12 - 27; R Fisher, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 9 - 22; K Whatling, G Hill, A Watts, M Dorrington(c) 23 - 21 ; G Coombe, D Johnson, M Nash, A Dudley 12 - 23

Winscombe 110 v Malden Manor Tourists 107(Friendly): T Darkin, J Smith, E Watts, L Fredersdorff (C) 16 – 24; M Smith, A Brand, M Adams, A Ainsworth 22 – 16; M Sprouting, P Heal, B Paul, M Adams 25 – 11; W Weller, C Hopes, P John, J Sprouting 16 – 24, J Kimmins, D Rush, P Hopes, R Lacy 18 – 15; S Caddy, D Beaverstock, J Rush, M Hunt 13 - 17


Winscombe Ladies’ first match of the week, a friendly, played at home against Nailsea resulted in a win by 1 shot for the home team. In a close run game the rinks skipped by Sue Caddy and Lorna Whatling accumulated enough shots to counteract the losing rink.
Their match played away at North Petherton in the Wessex League the day after was cut to 18 ends due to the extremely hot weather conditions. North Petherton won overall by 56 shots to 39 despite the efforts of Mavis Adams’ rink which finished 21 shots to 12.
The Winscombe return match against Wrington, again shortened for the comfort of the players, gave the Winscombe ladies a win overall by 48 shots to 34. The resounding win by 24 shots to 7 on the rink skipped by Rowena Keane, supported by Wendy Weller and Lorna Whatling , and a winning second rink skipped by Mavis Adams made up for the shortfall on the other losing rink.

Winscombe 36 v Nailsea 35 (Friendly): T Darkin, A Griffin, L Dyer, M Adams (C) 7 – 17; M Smith, J Wiles,P Heal, S Caddy 17 – 10; J Rush, P Burns, W Weller, L Whatling 12 – 8
Winscombe 39 v North Petherton 56 ( Wessex League): J Rush, E Watts, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) 8 – 22; T Miles, A Ainsworth, S Lowman, M Adams 21 – 12; m Sprouting, W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane 10 – 22
Winscombe 48 v Wrington 34(Friendly): T Darkin, M Smith, M Adams 15 – 12;W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane 24 – 7;C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff(C) 9 - 15

Results for Week Ending 6th July(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe won their Clevedon & District Evening game this week and also their friendly mixed game at Prattens. They lost both their Over 60's games against Wedmore at home and Clevedon Prom away. Winscombe blamed this latter defeat on the early morning start and fine drizzle. This was the first time Winscombe had ever played a League match in the morning. In the County Leagues all 3 teams lost. The A team were at home to Clevedon B and it was a close tussle across all rinks. Winscombe eventually losing 2 rinks by 9 shots in total and winning on the rink skipped by Tommy Ellis by 4 shots to lose by 5 overall.. The B team, who are also in Division 1 North, were away at Isle of Wedmore playing a strong A team. They lost on all 3 rinks. Winscombe's 3rd team played at Clarence Park against their B team and managed to win well on the rink skipped by Andy Kyprianides supported by Brian Paul,David Owen and George Hill. They lost on the other two rinks to lose overall by 8 shots.

Winscombe 80 v Isle of Wedmore 119 (Weston Over 60s League Home): C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 13 - 24; J Smith, P Fredersdorff, R Wootten 8 - 21; J Sprouting, G Neville, M Nash 15 - 19; A Watts, R Knight, R Lowman 25 - 14; G Lloyd, M Hunt, W Ainsworth 9 - 28; G Coombe, K Whatling, L Baldwin 10 - 13

Winscombe 105 v Prattens 80 (Friendly Away): J Kimmins,D Rush,W Weller, M Dorrington(c) 12 - 22; M Smith, D Sapsford, R Keane, P Fredersdorff 21 - 15; P Sapsford, P Hopes, N Hansford, R Lowman 25 - 12; C Hopes, J Smith, J Rush, A Kyprianides 21 - 12; S Lowman, D Johnson,A Watts, L Fredersdorff 16 - 19

Winscombe 93 v Yatton 89 (Clevedon and District Evening League Home): A Watts, P John, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 21 - 17; G Coombe, A Kyprianides, A Pye, A Dudley 16 - 23; J Swift, N Hansford, G Hill, R Lacy 20 - 15; G Lloyd, D Beaverstock. P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington(c) 21 - 17; J Sprouting,R Fisher . K Whatling, L Collier 15 - 18

Winscombe 88 - Clevedon Prom 95( Weston Over 60's League Away): G Coombe, K Whatling,A Dudley 12 - 15; R Wootten,L Collier, T Ellis 30 - 7; J Sprouting,G Neville,M Nash 9 - 17; G Lloyd,M Hunter, W Ainsworth 18 - 7; R Sapsford, R Knight, P Fredersdorff 13 - 15; D Owen, G Hill, A Kyprianides 6 - 32
Winscombe A 52 v Clevedon B 57  (SCL Div 1 North): G Lloyd, J Lukins, A Dudley, M Adams 15 - 21; S Easterby,K Whatling(c), W Ainsworth,R Birmingham 17 - 20; R Wootten,L Collier, R Lacy, T Ellis 20 - 16
Winscombe B 40 v Isle of Wedmore A (SCL Div 1 North): G Coombe, R Fisher, P Fredersdorff,G Neville 15 - 20; A Watts,D Johnson,M Hunter,M Nash 14 - 27; N Hansford, J Sprouting,A Pye, M Dorrington(c) 11-18
Winscombe C 63 v Clarence B (SCL Div 3 North): P Hopes,D Peakall,B White,R Knight 19 - 24; D Beaverstock, B Prince, J Smith, M Hunt(c) 15 - 28; B Paul,D Owen,G Hill, A Kyprianides 29 - 19


Winscombe Ladies played a friendly away against Wrington losing on all three rinks, the all year round artificial surface getting the better of them. Despite losing 24 shots to 62 the ladies enjoyed the company of their hosts and look forward to the return match to be played at home later this month. The following day saw the ladies playing away at Clarence in the NSTL and on this occasion it was Winscombe who came away with a win on all rinks and a full 10 points for the first time this season. Carol Hopes and Sue Caddy supported their skip to a resounding 21 shots to 5 victory and the overall score of 53 shots to 28 reflected the high standard of the play. Winscombe were not so successful in their Wessex League match against Clevedon Prom played at home, winning just one rink out of three and gaining 2 points to add to their league total. Angela Ainsworth’s rink had been nip and tuck all the way through and managed to retain their lead despite giving away 3 shots on the last 2 ends. Winscombe lost overall by 53 shots to 65. Winscombe 24 v Wrington 62 (Friendly): A Hart, D Sapsford, J Rush 10 – 20; A Griffin, P Burns, T Miles (C) 5 – 27; S Vincent, T Darkin, R Keane 9 –15
Winscombe 53 v Ashcombe 28 (NSTL): C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) 21 – 5; M Smith, W Weller, A Ainsworth 18 – 11; T Miles, S Lowman, E Watts 14 – 12
Winscombe 53 v Clevedon Prom 65 ( Wessex League): J Rush, J Kimmins, E Watts, A Ainsworth 18 – 16; C Hopes, S Nash, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) 17 – 25; M Sprouting, W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane 18 - 24

24th June 2013

andrewIt is with great sadness that we have to advise that Andrew finally lost his battle with cancer .
Andrew was a great club member at Winscombe until a couple of years ago when Andrew and Helen decided to return to Scotland to be nearer their family.
He was very keen to see the ladies fully integrated in the club and worked hard in Committee to achieve this aim. He was also our "Andrew Lloyd Webber" and produced our regular Christmas and New Year entertainment. Our authentic Burns suppers were not to be missed.
Our thoughts are with Helen and her family at this sad time.


Results for Week Ending 29thJune(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe's highlight of the week was their victory at Burnham in the Weston and District Over 60's Cup. This has been a successful competition for Winscombe over the last three years. They narrowly missed a place in the final last year and won the trophy for both the previous years. The match at Burnham was a game of two halves. The first 3 rinks and the second 3 rinks. Winscombe's first 3 rinks won well and their second 3 rinks lost narrowly resulting in a 18 shot overall victory.Winscombe play Victoria Saxons in the next round.

In other League matches Winscombe lost at Ashcombe in the Weston Over 60s League and at West Backwell in the C&D League . West Backwell gaining revenge for their defeat in the Wedmore Plate last week. Winscombe also played two mixed matches against Minehead at home losing by just 7 shots and travelled to South Petherton where they lost but really enjoyed playing this club for the first time.

Winscombe 116 v Minehead 123 (Mixed Friendly Home): D Johnson,P Heal,J Rush,P Fredersdorff 16 - 20; W Weller, J Smith, G Hill, M Dorrington(c) 26 - 12; C Hopes, D Rush, W Ainsworth, R Lowman 12 - 27; P John, A Ainsworth, A Watts, M Nash 25 - 19; P Hopes, C Bailey, S Lowman, L Fredersdorff 23 - 18; M Sprouting, T Moody, J Sprouting, E Watts 14 - 27

Winscombe 82 v Ashcombe Crusaders 91( Weston O/60s Away): P Hopes, L Collier, T Ellis 14 - 26. J Sprouting, G Neville, M Nash 18 -8; R Knight, A Pye, R Birmingham 9 - 24; A Watts, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 14 - 15; G Coombe, K Whatling, L Baldwin 14 - 10; G Lloyd, M Hunter, W Ainsworth 13 - 8

Winscombe 85 v West Backwell 101 (C&D Evening league): S Easterby,G Matthews,K Whatling,L Collier 18 - 23; A Watts,P John,W Ainsworth,R Birmingham 16 - 25;G Coombe,G Hill,A Kyprianides, M Nash 13 - 21; R Fisher, D owen,A Pye, R Lowman 26 - 15;R Kibble, J Smith, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington(c) 12 - 17

Winscombe 116 v Burnham on Sea 98 (Weston Over 60's CUP): G Coombe, K Whatling ,L Baldwin 14 - 19; R Knight, L Collier, T Ellis 17 - 25; P Hopes, A Watts, R Birmingham 24 - 11; G Lloyd, R Wootten, W Ainsworth 26 - 13; A Pye, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 17 - 12; J Sprouting, G Neville, M Nash 18 - 24

Winscombe 96 v South Petherton 119 (Mixed Friendly Away):D Johnson,J Sprouting,L Whatling,L Fredersdorff 18 - 20;J Kimmmins, R Keane,W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff 14 - 18; M Sprouting,A Kyprianides,M Nash,A Ainsworth 15 - 23; T Miles,C Hopes,K Whatling(c), L Collier 13 - 17;S Caddy,P Hopes,E Watts,M Dorrington 16 - 21;W Weller,S Nash,A Watts,R Lowman 20 - 20


Winscombe Ladies had a good start to the week with a win against Victoria in a friendly match played away. Winning 2 out of the 3 rinks was enough to overcome 4 shots lost on the 3rd rink and resulted in a 62 to 46 shots win overall. The game between these two teams was played with the usual friendly rivalry and a return match later in the season is much anticipated. Winscombe’s second game of the week was played at home against Ashcombe Park in the NSTL and despite winning 2 rinks again, an overall shot difference of 5 in favour of Ashcombe allowed them to leave with 6 points to Winscombe’s 4. Angela Ainsworth, supported by Trixie Miles and Sarah Lowman had a resounding win of 20 to 6 shots on their rink but unfortunately this victory was not repeated on the other rinks and Winscombe lost overall by 46 shots to 51.

Winscombe 62 v Victoria 46 (Friendly): T Miles, A Griffin, S Nash, A Ainsworth 21 – 11; C Hopes, J Wiles, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) 24 – 14; M Smith, L Dyer, W Weller, E Watts 17 –21

Winscombe 46 v Ashcombe 51 (NSTL) C Hopes, S Caddy, L Fredersdorff (C) 15 – 14; T Miles, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 7 – 21; M Sprouting, L Whatling, R Keane 12 - 19


Results for Week Ending 22nd June(as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe visited West Backwell in the Wedmore Plate knowing it would be a close game again. The match unfolded with 2 rinks neck and neck and one Winscombe rink well up and one equally down .In the end Winscombe pulled ahead  on 3 rinks to win the tie by just 5 shots with the best winning rink skipped by Reg Birmingham.
In a friendly Triples at Wyrral Park Winscombe snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory . A good win by 14 shots was in the bag but the game is not over until the last bowl is bowled. Every Winscombe rink lost shots on the last end, 15 in total, resulting in a 1 shot defeat.
The very next day Winscombe played St Andrews Spartans in the Weston & District Over 60's League. This was another close game but fortunes favoured Winscombe this time, when they scored 12 shots across the rinks on the last end, with Robin Lowman's rink gaining a 7 to win the match and take 16 points to St Andrews 4.
In the Clevedon & District League Winscombe were at home to Portishead RBL. The Legion won on 3 rinks to 2 and by 11 shots to secure 7 points to Winscombe's 2.
At Victoria, Winscombe won on 3 of the 5 rinks and narrowly lost on a 4th.This was not enough to make up the deficit on the 5th rink and they lost by 10 shots. Once again a game played in good spirits between two friendly rivals.

Winscombe 101 v Wyrral Park 102 ( Friendly Triples Away):A Watts, R Fisher,A Pye 21 - 11; D Owen, G Coombe, R Lowman 17 - 19; R Sapsford, P Fredersdorff, L Collier 14 - 18; N Hansford, K Whatling(c), W Ainsworth 25 - 14; P John, R Wootten,M Dorrington 16 - 17; D Beaverstock,A Dudley,M Nash 8 - 23

Winscombe 113 (16pts) v St Andrews Spartans 98 (4pts)(Weston Over 60's League): G Coombe, M Hunter, R Birmingham 21 - 14; G Lloyd, L Baldwin,M Nash 16 - 19; R Wootten, G Neville, M Adams 24 - 13; K Whatling(c), P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth 11 - 21; P Hopes, A Pye,R Lowman 22 - 19; C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 19 - 12

Winscombe 74 v West Backwell 69 (Wedmore Plate Away): R Lowman, L Collier, R Wootten, T Ellis 10 - 25; G Lloyd, K Whatling, A Dudley, M Adams 20 - 16;  A Watts, P Fredersdorff, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 27 - 12; S Easterby, M Hunter, M Dorrington,M Nash 17 - 16

Winscombe 87 v Portishead RBL 98(C&D Evening league Home): P Hopes, G Hill,W Ainsworth, M Adams 14 - 22; A Watts, B Paul, L Collier, R Lowman 14 - 19; K Whatling, D Johnson,G Coombe, M Nash 20 - 18; S Easterby, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, R Birmingham 21 - 22

Winscombe 109 v Victoria 119 (Friendly away): S Easterby, D Owen, L Collier, M Nash 26 - 15; B Paul, P Hopes, G Hill,R Lowman 24 - 17; D Beaverstock, J Smith, M Hunt, G Neville 7 - 40; G Coombe, B Prince, R Kibble, R Wootten 21 - 24; R Fisher, D Rush, A Watts, M Dorrington(c) 31 - 23


Winscombe Ladies played two games in the NSTL this week, drawing away against Portishead but losing away to Clevedon on Friday. The Portishead match was a tight game as the rinks skipped by Angela Ainsworth and Mavis Adams lost by 2 shots and 1 shot respectively. Eve Watts rink managed to cover the losses with their win of 16 shots to 13 so that the overall result was a 46 shot draw. A friendly rink skipped by Sheila Nash ably supported by Lynn Parfitt and June Rush led all the way up until the 16th end when Portishead pulled ahead winning by 17 shots to 13. At Clevedon the Winscombe ladies lost on all 3 rinks going down by a total of 33 shots to 55 thus allowing the opposition to gain a valuable 10 points.

Winscombe 46 v Portishead 46 (NSTL): T Miles, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 11 – 13; C Hopes, R Keane, M Adams 19 – 20; M Smith, L Fredersdorff (C), E Watts – 16 – 13; Friendly Rink – L Parfitt, J Rush, S Nash – 13 – 17

Winscombe 33 v Clevedon 55 (NSTL) J Kimmins, J Rush, L Fredersdorff (C) 14 – 15; C Hopes, M Smith, S Lowman 7 – 21; T Miles, E Watts, A Ainsworth 12 - 19


Results for Week Ending 15th June (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe had two wins this week. A mixed match against the Hereford cider men, touring under the Bulmers name and also against local rivals Ashcombe Park . A very friendly game against Bulmers saw the rinks drawn but Winscombe with a 16 shot advantage.Their loses included the Clevedon & District League match at Congresbury and the Weston Over 60's match at Wedmore. The first visit of the club to Minehead in another mixed game also finished with the home team winning but only by 10 shots overall . Winscombe crashed out of the North Somerset Cup at Nailsea. They had one successful rink skipped by Rob Lacy , supported by Rob Sapsford, Malcolm Dorrington and Mike Nash. This season Winscombe have played Nailsea 4 times . Twice in the Clevedon & District league losing by the narrowest of margins, 1 and 2 shots.They also won there in the last round of the Weston Over 60s Cup . There were no county games this week and in a friendly against Ashcombe the rinks were tied but Winscombe secured a 34 shot win.

Winscombe 84 v Minehead 94 (Mixed Friendly Away): W Weller, S Caddy,K Whatling(c), M Dorrington 17 - 21; S Lowman, D Peakall, S Nash, P Fredersdorff 18 - 18; C Hopes, T Moody, J Rush, P Lowman 21 - 13; D Johnson, L Parfitt, L Fredersdorff, A Watts 15 - 17; P Hopes, D Rush, E Watts, M Nash 13 - 25

Winscombe 130 v Bulmers Cider Tourists 114( Mixed Friendly Home): S Lowman,J Kimmins, J Sprouting, M Adams 32 - 9; S Caddy, R Keane, K Whatling(c), P Fredersdorff 11 - 26 ; C Hopes,P Heal, P Hopes, G Neville 23 - 17; M Sprouting,T Darkin, M Hunt, A Watts 20 - 22; R Knight, B Prince, E Watts, L Fredersdorff 26 - 14; W Weller, P John, MM Adams, R Lowman 18 - 26

Winscombe 86 v Nailsea 128 (North Somerset Cup Away): G Lloyd, P Hopes, R Feltham,M Adams 14 - 32; R Lowman, K Whatling(c),G Neville, R Birmingham 17 - 21 ; R Wootten,J Sprouting,L Collier,T Ellis 20 - 23; N Hansford, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, A Watts 12 - 30; M Dorrington ,R Sapsford,M Nash,R Lacy 23 - 22

Winscombe 71 v Congresbury 100 (C&D Away): P Hopes, B Paul, R Feltham, M Adams 13 - 17; G Coombe, A Watts, L Collier, R Lacy 13 - 15; N Hansford, P John , A Pye, M Dorrington 15 -17; R Sapsford, D Johnson ,K Whatling, M Nash 20 - 30; J Swift, R Fisher, L Baldwin, P Fredersdorff 10- 21

Winscombe 92 v Isle of Wedmore 133 (Weston Over 60's Triples): G Coombe, K Whatling,L Baldwin 15 - 20; G Lloyd,M Hunter,R Lowman 15 - 25; R Wootten,J Sprouting(c), M Nash 9 - 34; R Knight, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 20 - 13; P Hopes, R Kibble, A Watts 20 - 15 ; C westlake,L Collier,T Ellis 13 - 24

Winscombe 130 v Ashcombe Park 96(Friendly Home): R Wootten, N Hansford, A Dudley, M Adams 29 - 12; A Watts, D Johnson,G Coombe, M Nash 18 - 20; R Knight, M Hunt, K Whatling(c), W Ainsworth 16 -18; G Lloyd, D Rush, A Pye, G Neville 14 - 24; P Hopes, B Prince, M Dorrington, R Lowman 38 -9 ; B Paul, K Headford, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff 15 - 13


Winscombe Ladies’ only game of the week played in the Wessex League away at Clevedon resulted in a good win for them taking two out of the three rinks. Rowena Keane’s rink had lead for most of the match but lost after giving away 7 shots on the last 2 ends. Eve Watts, supported by Jan Kimmins, Lyn Dyer and Sue Caddy maintained a clear lead all the way through finally winning by 23 shots to 13. On Lesley Fredersdorff’s rink the opposition had the better of the game until Winscombe finally caught up to level the game on the 20th end. 2 shots gained on the last end were enough to give the Winscombe team a win.

Winscombe 61 v Clevedon 56 (Wessex League):J Kimmins, L Dyer, S Caddy, E Watts 23 – 13; C Hopes, M Sprouting, S Nash, L Fredersdorff (C) 19 – 17; T Miles, D Sapsford, W Weller, R Keane 19 - 26



Results for Week Ending 8th June (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Shock win for Winscombe at Clevedon in the Clevedon & District Evening League.
Winscombe won by 3 rinks to 2 and 4 shots to beat high flyers Clevedon. All rinks played their part. Rob Lacy's rink saw the lead change hands after being ahead for the first 15 ends but battled back to win by 3. Tony Watts' rink picked up a 5 on the 17th end to half the deficit to lose by just 5. Mike Nash's rink had another good win. Paul Fredersdorff hung on to lose by just 5 but the story of the match has to be Mike Adam's rink of Paul Hopes,Les Baldwin and Rod Feltham who came back from 3 - 17 down after 9 ends to win by 5 shots. A real game of 2 halves as Clevedon won only 2 of the last 12 ends. There was a match of 2 halves in the friendly against Bristol where Winscombe won well on 2 rinks and Bristol won well on 2 rinks. The deciding end was the last end on the losing Winscombe rink skipped by Tony Watts.They picked up 3 shots and Winscombe won overall by just 1 shot.
Winscombe also entertained Leicester Tourists in a Mixed game . The home team lost but won on 2 rinks.

Winscombe 94(7pts) v Clevedon 90 (2pts) ( C&D Evening League): P Hopes,L Baldwin,R Feltham,M Adams 24 - 19; R Fisher,J Smith,R Kibble,P Fredersdorff 15 - 20; R Sapsford,D Johnson,M Dorrington(c),M Nash 20 - 14; P John,A Pye,A Kyprianides,A Watts 17 - 22 , R Lowman,K Whatling,L Collier,R Lacy 18 - 15

Winscombe 81 v Bristol 80 (Friendly Home ):R Fisher,L Collier,M Dorrington,M Nash 10-23; N Hansford,K Whatling(c), T Ellis, M Adams 32 - 10; R Knight, J Smith,R Lowman, A Watts 13 - 31; S Easterby, R Kibble, G Neville, R Lacy 26 - 16

Winscombe 96 v Leicester Tourists 149 (Friendly Home): D Peakall,M Bailey,M Smith,J Sprouting 9 - 32; J Kimmins,C Bailey,J Rush,L Fredersdorff(c) 18 - 23; B Prince, A Hart, M Sprouting, G Coombe 18 - 15; T Darkin,T Moody, C Hopes, E Watts 23 - 25; R Hart,P Burns,R Knight,S Lowman 18 - 17; A Brand,K Headford, D Rush, S Nash 10 - 37

Winscombe Ladies played two league games this week, one each in the NSTL and the Wessex League. Their first game played away against Clevedon Prom in the NSTL resulted in a win for their opponents. Winscombe were not helped by losing 7 shots on the 4th end of Eve Watts rink nor by 5 shots given away on the 12th end of Lesley Fredersdorff’s rink. It was down to Angela Ainsworth’s rink to provide some positive news for the ladies with a 23 to 19 shots win. Winscombe lost overall by 52 shots to 72. Their second game against Wessex at home resulted in an overall win for Winscombe with almost a clean sweep. Winning rinks skipped by Sheila Nash and Sarah Lowman and a 1 shot loss on Mavis Adam’s rink meant the team secured 8 points and a win by 65 shots to 55

Winscombe 52 v Clevedon Prom 72(NSTL):T Miles, S Lowman, E Watts 13 – 26; C Hopes, L Whatling, A Ainsworth 23 – 19; W Weller, M Adams, L Fredersdorff (C) 16 – 27

Winscombe 65 v Wessex 55 (Wessex League): T Miles, P Heal, S Caddy, S Nash 24 – 18; M Smith, L Dyer, L Whatling, M Adams 18 – 19; M Sprouting, P Burns, J Rush, S Lowman 23 - 18

3rd June 2013 - Sam Easterby plays for Somerset Colts v Gloucester

Sam did well for the U25s on 26 May at Yate v Gloucestershire winning  20-13 on his rink. The game was lost as the other rink went down by 14 shots. He is now an accepted member of the squad and will receive his blazer badge following his next appearance. The Middleton Cup trial was a great experience even though 12 of those selected cried off! His skip Barry Smith from Taunton Deane was very encouraging and made it an occasion he wont forget.It is nice that the club looks after his welfare, and for his part he represents the club very well.There is a group photo of the U25 squads on the county website.


Results for Week Ending 1st June (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

It was sweet revenge for Winscombe when they won their first round tie in the Weston & District Over 60's KO Cup at Nailsea by 62 shots and 4 rinks to 2 . This was after Nailsea had won their last two recent meetings in the C&D League by just 1 and 2 shots.The best rink was skipped by Reg Birmingham who won by 21 shots but Tony Watts ,Robin Lowman and Mike Adams' rinks all had double digit wins. Winscombe have a good record in this competition. Over the last 3 years they have won the Weston Over 60's Cup twice and were semi finalists last year.
Winscombe also won 3 out of their 4 friendly games this week.The only defeat coming at Congresbury. The poor weather curtailed both the matches at Bridgwater and at home against Taunton Bowling Club to 15 ends.
Only Winscombe C Team won in the Somerset County League games. The A team picked up 4 points winning 2 rinks to 1 at Portishead RBL but losing overall. Rob Lacy’s rink tried hard to give their lead away,slipping from 20 – 9 at 15 ends to being 1 shot behind after 20. A perfect draw by the skip on the last end saw the rink redeem themselves to pick up 2 shots and a win by just 1 shot.  The B Team were away and lost to Yatton A . Mike Nash again had the winning rink and gained the 2 points . This is the first year Winscombe have entered 3 teams in the County League and the C Teams first win. They were at home to Yatton C on a beautiful afternoon for bowls and on a green that was playing really well,won on all rinks for 12 points .

Winscombe 129 v Nailsea 67 (Weston & Dist. Over 60's Cup - Rd1 Away): R Wootten, J Sprouting(c), M Adams 27 - 13; G Coombe, M Hunter, R Birmingham 27 - 8; C Westlake,L Collier,G Neville 14 - 16; R Kibble,P Fredersdorff,W Ainsworth 11 - 17; G Lloyd ,L Baldwin, A Watts 26 - 6; P Hopes, M Nash, R Lowman 24 - 7

Winscombe 112 v Alexandra Bath 107 (Mixed Friendly Home): M Sprouting, S Lowman, R Lacy 20 - 15 ; T Miles, J Rush, M Dorrington(c) 15 - 15; M Smith,D Rush,R Lowman 21 - 10; D Sapsford,J Smith, J Sprouting 27 - 23; C Hopes, D peakall, S Caddy 10 - 26; R Hart,J Wiles,A Griffin,R Sapsford 19 - 18

Winscombe 56 v Bridgwater 54 (Friendly Away): S Easterby, G Mathews, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington(c) 7 - 16; D Beaverstock ,R Kibble,R Lacy 14 - 12; D Owen, M Trenchard, M Nash,A Watts 22 - 16; G Lloyd, K Headford, R Wootten,R Lowman 13 - 10

Winscombe 65 v Taunton BC 47 ( Friendly Home): P John, K Headford, W Ainsworth, R Birmingham 13 - 9; D Johnson, G Coombe, P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 11 - 7; R Sapsford, A Pye, A Kyprianides, G Neville 12 -6; R Knight, D Rush,M Hunter,M Nash 22 - 10; J Sprouting,D Beaverstock, L Collier (c), R Wootten 7 - 15

Winscombe 79 v Nailsea 80 ( C&D Coperative Funeralcare League Home): N Hansford,P Hopes,R Feltham,M Adams 13 - 18; S Easterby,R Kibble,L Collier,R Birmingham 15 - 15; G Coombe,P John,W Ainsworth,A Watts 11 - 23; M Dorrington(c), R Lowman,L Baldwin,R Lacy 27 - 10; R Sapsford, P fredersdorff,A Pye, M Nash 13 - 15

Winscombe 70 v Congresbury 79( Friendly away): R Sapsford,D Owen,A Kyprianides,R Lowman 20 - 21; J Swift, D Beaverstock,J Smith,M Nash 12 - 18; S Easterby,R Kibble,M Dorrington (c) R lacy 21 - 15; R Fisher,M Hunt, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 17 - 25

Winscombe A 50 (4pts)v Portishead RBL B 65 (8pts)( SCL Div 1 North Away):R Lowman,R Kibble,R Feltham,M Adams(c) 20 - 16; S Easterby, G Lloyd, W Ainsworth,R Birmingham 8 - 28; R Wootten, L Collier, J Lukins, R Lacy 22 - 21

Winscombe B 54 (2pts)v Yatton A 66 (10pts)( SCL Div 1 North Away): G Coombe,R Sapsford,P Fredersdorf,G Neville 19 - 24; P Hopes, M Hunter,M Dorrington(c), M Nash 22 - 16; N Hansford, J Sprouting, A Pye, A Watts 13 - 26

Winscombe C 63(12pts)v Yatton C 38 ( SCL Div 3 North): D Johnson, K Symons, D Beaverstock, R Knight 22 -13; J Swift, B Prince, J Smith, M Hunt(c) 18 - 12; P John, D Rush, R Weller, A Kyprianides 23 - 13


Winscombe ladies came away with overall wins in their two friendly games played this week. Play began in fine weather against Nailsea but despite finishing the game in the rain, Winscombe’s spirits could not be dampened and a fine win on skip Eve Watts rink of 22 shots to 11, helped the team win overall by 51 shots to 39.

Playing against Congresbury Ladies at home on a lovely Saturday morning Winscombe again had the better of the game. This time it was down to the rinks skipped by Rowena Keane and Angela Ainsworth who pulled ahead far enough to more than compensate for their losing rink. Winscombe won by just 4 shots overall, the final score being 49 to 45. Winscombe hosted a buffet to conclude the day’s play between these friendly local rivals which was much enjoyed by all.

Winscombe 51 v Nailsea 39(Friendly):J Kimmins, D Sapsford, S Lowman,E Watts 22- 11; L Dyer, A Griffin, A Ainsworth, L Fredersdorff(C) 15 – 16; T Miles, J Wiles, S Caddy, M Adams 14 – 12

Winscombe49 v Congresbury 45(Friendly): S Lowis, P Heal, S Nash, E Watts 8 – 20; M Smith, J Rush, M Adams, A Ainsworth 21 – 12; L Parfitt, W Weller, L Whatling, R Keane(C) 20 - 13

Results for Week Ending 25th May (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe had a busy week with 7 games . It started well with wins against a touring team and in the Weston Over 60's League and Clevedon and Distict Cooperative Funeralcare League. Weekend Tourists from Barnstaple, Rock Park, visited Winscombe on a lovely day for bowls. The home side played a mixed team against the men from Barnstaple. The Winscombe Ladies made a big contribution to the 8 shots and 5 rinks to 2 win. In the Over 60s match at home Winscombe won on 3 rinks ,drew on 1 rink and narrowly lost the other 2 rinks by just 2 shots. This gave an overall win by 31 shots and 15 points for the home team.Winscombe won on all 4 rinks against Long Ashton in the Clevedon and District League.

The important games against Portishead RBL in the 4 Dimensions and Victoria in the Turnbull Cup were both lost. Victoria reversing their defeat by Winscombe last year.
In the County matches the two Winscombe teams in Division 1 North met with both teams kean to gain bragging rights. The selectors had clearly got it right as it was a close game with the A team just securing a win despite Graham Neville's rink winning a close scrap with Tommy Ellis. The C team were also at home against Mark Moor but the visitors were too strong. Mike Hunt's rink drew but would have won if they had not lost six on the 19th end.


.Winscombe B 51 (2pts) v Winscombe A 63 (10pts)(SCL Div 1 North): WBC B: N Hansford,J Sprouting,A Pye,A Watts: v WBC A: S Easterby,M Hunter,W Ainsworth,R Birmingham 24 - 18; WBC B: G Coombe,R Sapsford,P Fredersdorff,G Neville v WBC A: R Lowman,L Collier,R Lacy,T Ellis 18-19; WBC B: P Hopes,L Baldwin,M Dorrington,M Nash  v WBC A: G Lloyd,R Kibble,R Feltham,M Adams 21 - 14

Winscombe C 42(1pt) v Mark Moor 58 (11 pts) (SCL Div 3 North): D Johnson,K Headford,R Knight,R Weller 13 - 22; P John,D Peakall,D Owen,A Kyprianides 11 - 18; D Beaverstock,D Rush,J Smith,M Hunt 18 - 18

Winscombe v Victoris (Turnbull Cup Rd 3 Away): R Wootten,L Collier,W Ainsworth,M Adams; G Lloyd,M Dorrington,R Lacy,T Ellis 16-22; G Coombe.L Baldwin,M Nash, A Watts;S Easterby,J Sprouting,G Neville,R Birmingham

Winscombe (0.5pts) v Portishead RBL (3.5pts)(NSBA 4 Dimensions Home): Singles M Dorrington 9 - 21; Pairs M Adams,T Ellis 16 - 16; Triples K Whatling,L Collier,A Watts 10 - 27; Rink W Ainsworth,R Feltham,R Lacy,R Birmingham 13 - 26

Winscombe 94 (12pts)v Long Ashton 68 (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeralcare League at Home): M Dorrington(c), J Smith,R Feltham,M Adams 22 -18; K Whatling,L Collier,W Ainsworth,R Birmingham 25 - 14; R Sapsford,G Coombe,A Kyprianides,A Watts 24 - 21; N Hansford,M Nash,P Fredersdorff,R Lacy 23-15

Winscombe 119(15pts) v Clarence Blues 88(5pts) (Weston Over 60's Triples League Home): G Coombe,K Whatling(c),R Birmingham 28 -9; G Lloyd,R Knight,G Neville 15 - 15; R Kibble, P Fredersdorf, W Ainsworth 21 - 17; P Hopes, L Baldwin, M Nash 15 - 17; C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 24 - 12; R Wootten,A Kyprianides, M Adams 16 - 18

Winscombe 128 v Rock Park 123 (Friendly Home): C Hopes,J Rush,P Fredersdorff,Mavis Adams 24 - 16; P Hopes,P Heal,M Dorrington,M Nash 20 - 15; M Sprouting, M Bailey, K Whatling(c), W Ainsworth 20 - 16; W WEller, C Bailey, S Lowman, M Adams 25 - 18; J Kimmins, D Peakall,J Sprouting,E Watts 18 - 17

D Owen,R Weller,R Keane,A Watts 12 - 19; S Lowis, S Nash,L Fredersdorff, R Lowman 9 -22




Winscombe ladies only game of the week, played in the Wessex League against Ashcombe Park at home, resulted in a resounding win for their opponents. Despite a good effort by Angela Ainswoth’s rink, finally losing 18/22, the other two rinks were unable to make up the shortfall and the final result of 42 shots to 75 left the Winscombe team with no points for the first time this season.

Winscombe 42 v Ashcombe Park 75(Wessex League):T Miles, M Sprouting, J Rush, R Keane 13 – 28; M Smith, L Dyer, S Nash, M Adams 11 – 25; C Hopes, T Darkin, L Fredersdorff(C), A Ainsworth 18 – 22.

Results for Week Ending 18th May (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

West Sussex Mens Tourist Team were just the tonic Winscombe needed after some disappointing results last week.. An entertaining and social occasion assisted by a good win for the home side made for the perfect antidote.

During the week Winscombe played in a very close and exciting encounter at Nailsea in the Clevedon & District Evening League. Two ends before the close Winscombe were winning by 9 shots but conceded 11 shots in the final ends to lose by 2 shots. There was still hope of a win on the last end of the last match on the green with the match skipped by Rob Lacy with Mike Nash, John Sprouting and new player Glyn Matthews, all square. Mike Nash had secured what looked like a 2 shot lead when the 2 skips took their turn to bowl. Two good woods by Rob Lacy but the Nailsea skip delivered 2 perfect woods to take the end by 2 shots and the match.

The Clevedon and District match earlier in the week saw Clevedon Prom have an easy win over a weakened Winscombe Team.
The Over 60s match against Isle of Wedmore was postponed due to persistent heavy rain.

In a Friendly Triples evening game at Aschcombe Park reduced to 5 rinks, Winscombe won on 3 rinks and by 21 shots overall.

Only Winscombe A and C Teams played in the Somerset County League this week. Once again the crazy fixture scheduling by The County saw the Winscombe A Team visiting Bristol whilst the C Team were at home to a Bristol team. This meant that both greens were under utilised with only 3 rinks playing at each venue.

Both teams had close games and won on 2 rinks to 1. However both were on the losing side. At Bristol the A team lost yet again on the last end after being in a winning position by holding 3 shots which would have secured a win by 1 shot. The last bowl of the match from the Bristol skip was a toucher to ensure Bristol won by 3 shots.

On the Winscombe green the C team lost by 8 shots but increased their points tally by winning on 2 rinks.

Winscombe 144 v West Sussex Tourists 113 (Friendly Home) : P John,D Peakall,J Sprouting,R Lowman 14 - 20; J Peters(guest), J Smith, P Fredersdorff, M Dorrington 22 - 23 ;S Easterby, G Coombe, K Whatling(c),L Collier 24 - 16; P Hopes, D Ford (guest), M Nash, T Ellis 23 - 10; K Mitchell (guest),K Headford, R Kibble, G Neville 16 - 14; R Weller, R Parsons(guest),A Kyprianides, R lacy 19 - 18; D Johnson, D Beaverstock, M Hunter, A Watts 26 - 11
Winscombe 86(1pt)v Clevedon Prom 116(8pts) (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeralcare League at Home): P Hopes,B prince,R Kibble,A Watts 12 - 33; J Sprouting,L Baldwin,L Collier, R Birmingham 17 -22; P John,N Hansford, M Dorrington (c),M Nash 16-22; B paul,D Peakall,K Whatling,W Ainsworth 19 - 20; R Sapsford,R Weller,P Fredersdorff, R Lowman 22 - 18

Winscombe 96 v Ashcombe Park75(Friendly Triples Away): R Sapsford, M Dorrington(c), M Nash 21 -11; J Swift, W Ainsworth, T Ellis 30 - 7; G Matthews, P John , G Neville 13 - 23; D Beaverstock, M Hunt, R Lacy 6 - 26; P Hopes, R Lowman, A Watts 26 -8

Winscombe 101(2.5pts) v Nailsea (6.5pts)103 (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeralcare League Away): P Hopes,R Weller,R Lowman,A Watts 16 - 30; N Hansford,M Hunt,L Baldwin,M Adams 15 - 25; J Sprouting,G Matthews,M Nash,R Lacy 20-18; G Coombe,D Owen,K Whatling(c),L Collier 19-19; S Easterby, R Kibble,P Fredersdorff,W Ainsworth 31 - 11

Winscombe A 53(4pts) v Bristol B 56(8pts) ( SCL Div 1 North Away): G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Feltham, M Adams 14 - 29; S Easterby, K Whatling(c), R Lacy, R Birmingham 18 - 14; R Lowman, L Collier, A Watts, T Ellis 21 - 13

Winscombe C 54(4pts) v Bristol C 62(8pts) ( SCL Div 3 North Home): D Johnson,R Weller,J Sprouting,W Ainsworth 14 -33; D Beaverstock, D Owen, P Hopes, M Dorrington 20 - 12; R Knight, A Kyprianides, B Paul, G Coombe(c) 20-17



Winscombe ladies had a busy and successful week starting with a friendly game away against Long Ashton on Monday. Played under gusty conditions the team were boosted by a runaway win on the rink skipped by Angela Ainsworth to win overall by 22 shots. Angela proved to be the star skip once again in the Wessex League game played at home against a strong Clevedon side on Friday. Together with another winning rink the Winscombe team managed to more than cover the losses on their losing rink to end with a 12 shot lead. The Winscombe ladies continued their winning streak on Saturday morning in their first North Somerset Triples League game played against Clarence at home. On a lovely sunny morning they had good wins on two rinks, most successful being the one skipped by Eve Watts ably supported by Lyn Dyer and Lorna Whatling. Overall shot difference at the end of the game was just 8 shots.

Winscombe 57 v Long Ashton 35(Friendly Away):M Sprouting, S Nash, E Watts, L Fredersdorff(C) 16 – 19; C Hopes, P Heal, J Rush, A Ainsworth 27 – 6; J Kimmins, S Lowis, S Lowman, M Adams 14 – 10
Winscombe 65 v Clevedon 53(Wessex League Home): M Sprouting, J Rush, L Whatling, M Adams 23 – 14; S Lowis, S Caddy, S Nash, E Watts 13 – 30; C Hopes, L Fredersdorff(C), S Lowman, A Ainsworth 29 – 9
Winscombe 56 v Clarence 48(NSTL Home): T Miles, W Weller, L Fredersdorff(C) 20 – 10; J Kimmins, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 14 – 30; L Dyer, L Whatling, E Watts 22 - 8


Results for Week Ending 11th May (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe started the week with a good win at Bath. This fixture has traditionally been a 21 end Triples match and on a beautiful day for bowls Winscombe won by 35 shots and 5 rinks to 1.
The first home Clevedon and District Evening league match gave visitors West Backwell their first win in this league, this season. This result was the exact reverse of their win at Bath with Winscombe winning on just 1 rink and losing by 35 shots.
The friendly at Taunton was a close game with Winscombe winning by 3 shots and by 3 rinks to 2. Mike Nash's rink dropped a 6 to lose by 1 shot and Tony Watts rink picked up a 6 on the penultimate end to secure the victory.

For the first time Winscombe fielded 3 teams in the Somerset County League. They have 2 teams in the Division 1 North League and their 3rd team is entered in Division 3. All 3 teams lost but both the A and C picked up valuable rink wins and points. The A team were at home to West Backwell who had visited earlier in the week. The blustery cold weather conditions were challenging and after 16 ends the match was tied although the Captain's rink was well in arrears. In the end Winscombe won 2 of the 3 rinks but West Backwell won by 8 shots overall.. The B team lost on all rinks whilst the C team picked up points for 1 winning rink. This rink unfortunately lost their skip,Ray Freegard, after 8 ends as he was feeling unwell. Paul Hopes took over and even after 25% deduction still managed to win.

Winscombe A 52 v West Backwell 60(SCL Division 1 North): R Lowman, C Westlake, L Collier, T Ellis 21 - 18; S Easterby, K Whatling(c), R Lacy, R Birmingham 10 - 28; G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Feltham, M Adams 21 - 14

Winscombe B v Burnham on Sea (SCL Divion 1 North): G Hill, M Hunter, A Dudley, A Watts   ; A Pye, G Matthews, P Fredersdorff, G Neville;  N Hansford,J Sprouting, M Dorrington(c), M Nash

Winscombe C 45 (2pts) v Chew Stoke B 64 (10pts)(SCL Division 3): D Johnson, K Headford, R Weller, R Knight 14 - 19; D Beaverstock, C Bailey, P Hopes, R Freegard 18 - 16   ; D Rush, J Smith, B Paul, G Coombe (c) 13 -29

Winscombe 97 v Taunton BC 94 (Friendly Away): B Paul, R Freegard, P Fredersdorff,M Nash 22 - 23; D Owen, D Rush, G Hill, G Neville 16 - 20; K Whatling(c), J Smith, A Dudley, M Adams 21 - 13; P Hopes, M Hunter, L Collier, A Watts 22 - 14; R Knight, R Weller, R Lowman, R Feltham 16 - 24

Winscombe 90 (1pt) v West Backwell (7pts) (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeralcare League at Home): J Sprouting, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 14 - 24; G Hill, M Hunt, L Collier, A Watts 16- 31 ; R Weller, N Hansford, K Whatling, R Lacy 24 - 19; G Coombe, D Beaverstock. M Dorrington, A Dudley 21 - 24 ; P John, P Hopes, A Pye, R Lowman 15 - 26

Winscombe 132 v Bath 97 (Friendly 21 end Triples Away): R Weller, J Sprouting, M Nash 22 - 17; P Hopes, M Hunt, R Lowman 26 - 12; D Beaverstock, G Lloyd, P Fredersdorff  24 - 16; D Peakall ,K Whatling, W Ainsworth 14 - 19; D Owen, L Baldwin, A Dudley 35 - 11; R Knight, M Hunter, L Collier 19 - 15


Winscombe Ladies lost their first game of the week against Wessex despite a decisive win on one rink skipped by Eve Watts 26-12. Winscombe fell short on the other 2 rinks to allow Wessex to win overall by 5 shots. The week ended on a successful note with Winscombe achieving their first win in the Wessex League winning 2 of the 3 rinks against North Petherton. A fight back on the rink skipped by Captain Lesley Fredersdorff coming back from 10-22 after 14 ends to finish 22-24 nearly made it a full house and allowed the home team to win by 13 shots and pick up 8 points.

Winscombe 49 v Wessex 54( Wessex League at Clarence Park) : C Hopes, P Burns, S Nash, L Fredersdorff(c) 10 - 23; A Griffin, L Parfitt, R Keane, A Ainsworth 13 - 19; J Kimmins, L Dyer, J Rush, E Watts 26 - 12

Winscombe 60 v North Petherton 47( Wessex League at Home) :P Heal,M Sprouting,S Nash,L Fredersdorff(c) 22 - 24; T Miles,T Darkin,S Caddy,E Watts 16 -11; M Smith, S Lowis, W Weller, R Keane 20 - 12


Sunday 5th May:- Winscombe Ladies Friendly Rink played at St Andrews

A rink of Winscombe ladies took part in a 7 rink game played at St. Andrews today against a visiting touring team of Cumbria County Ladies. After a close fought game with Winscombe leading up until half time, and the Cumbria ladies making a comeback after tea, it was only on the last end with Winscombe gaining 3 shots that saw our ladies pull off a victory to win by 20 shots to 19. Considering that the opposition comprised a rink of 4 county players the Winscombe ladies were delighted with their win. Our players were Wendy Weller, Lesley Fredersdorff, Sarah Lowman and Eve Watts. St Andrews and friends won overall by 8 shots – a lovely afternoon, beautiful weather and a friendly opposition.

Results for Week Ending 4th May (as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe Men had a much better week winning 3 of their 4 fixtures.

Winscombe achieved their first win of the season in the Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeralcare Evening League at Yatton. This reversed their loss at Yatton in their first game this year. They won on 3 rinks to 2 and by 6 shots overall. Winscombe tried hard to give the match away as they lost shots over the closing ends. In total 20 shots were conceded in the last 3 ends.

The Weston & District Over 60's Triples League fixture against Burham on Sea was also won decisively. Winscombe won by 28 shots and 4 rinks to 2. Tommy Ellis, Lew Collier and Colin Westlake were the highest winning rink.

The first Friendly match at home was close on 4 rinks out of the 5. Overall we won on 3 rinks and lost by just 1 shot on Graham Neville's rink - even after they had dropped an 8 on one end. Unfortunately one rink was overwhelmed and the game was lost by 11 shots.

Another good win was achieved at Bristol where Winscombe won on all 4 rinks and by 36 shots overall.

Winscombe 99 v Bristol 63 (Friendly away): S Easterby, B Paul, R Lowman, R Birmingham 21 - 20; J Sprouting,R Kibble, L Collier, R Lacy 27 - 10; G Coombe, J Smith, W Ainsworth, G Neville 26 - 18; M Dorrington(c), M Hunt, A Dudley,A Watts 25 - 15

Winscombe 113 v Burnham on Sea 85 ( Weston & District Over 60's Triples League): G Lloyd,M Hunter, G Neville 14 - 16; B Paul, R Kibble, R Lowman 14 -11; P Hopes, L Baldwin, A Dudley 25 -12; S Coombe, K Whatling, R Birmingham 21 - 14; C Westlake, L Coller, T Ellis  24 -9 ; J Sprouting, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 15 -13

Winscombe 76(7pts) v Yatton 70(2pts) (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeral League Away): B Paul, P Hopes, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 13 - 15 ; S Easterby, R Kibble, L Collier, R Birmingham 21 - 13; G Coombe, G Hill, K Whatling, A Dudley 9 - 15; M Dorrington, P John, R Lowman, A Watts 18 - 15; J Sprouting, L Baldwin, A Pye, R Lacy 15 - 14

Winscombe 94 v North Petherton 105 (Friendly Home): R Sapsford, K Headford, L Collier, R Birmingham; 23 - 15; D Owen, K Symons, G Hill, G Neville 21 - 22 ; P John, R Knight, K Whatling, A Dudley 20 - 12 ; D Johnson, J Smith, P Fredersdorff. M Adams 24 - 21; B Paul, D Peakall, M Hunt, M Nash 6 - 35  


Winscombe Ladies played their first match of the season away at Clevedon Prom on a beautiful sunny morning.There was 1 winning rink skipped by Angela Ainsworth and a very creditable fight back by the rink skipped by Eve Watts coming back from 4 - 19 after 12 ends to win 6 of the last 9 ends and pick up 13 shots.Overall Clevedon Prom won 2 rinks to 1 and by 11 shots.

Winscombe 56 v Clevedon Prom 67( Wessex League Away): T Miles. S Lowis, S Lowman, A Ainsworth 21 - 18; M Smith, S Caddy, R Keane, L Fredersdorff(c) 18 - 25; M Sprouting, W Weller, L Whatling,E Watts 17 - 24

Somerset under 25's v Wiltshire:

Sam Easterby adapted well to the Chippenham green and the extremely cold conditions to help Somerset U25's defeat Wiltshire by 10 shots. Although his rink lost 19-15 team managers  Don Foulkes and James Branfield were pleased with his contribution, and promised him more games this season

Results for Week Ending 27th April (Results as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe played 3 matches this week and lost them all.They have not mastered the heavy greens as well as their opponents. In the one home match against Ashcombe Crusaders in the Weston Over 60s Triples League they only won on 1 rink and lost by 33 shots. They doubled this deficit at Portishead RBL in the Clevedon& Distict Cooperative Funeral League losing on all 5 rinks. Against local rivals Banwell in the traditional early season friendly and rehearsal for the Parrot Shield 2 leg competition later in the season Winscombe played much better,winning on 2 rinks and narrowly losing a 3rd by 2 shots. Unfortunately one rink lost heavily which again resulted in a loss by 28 shots.

Winscombe 76 v Banwell 104 (Friendly away): G Lloyd, R Kibble, R Lacy, T Ellis 22-14; M Dorrington, J Sprouting, A Dudley, A Watts 15 - 25; W Ainsworth, K Whatling, R Feltham, M Adams 18 - 14; S Easterby, L Collier, R Lowman, R Birmingham 14 - 16 ; A Pye, M Hunter, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 7 - 35

Winscombe 60 v Portishead RBL 126 (Clevedon & District Cooperative Funeral League Away) : S Easterby, P Fredersdorff, R Kibble, M Nash 16 -30; B Paul, R Weller, L Collier, R Lowman 12 - 27; M Dorrington(c), J Sprouting, K Whatling, M Adams 10 - 23 ; G Coombe, P Hopes, R Lacy, A Watts 12 - 22 ; P John, B White, R Feltham, R Birmingham 10 - 24

Winscombe 76 v Ashcombe Crusaders 109 (Weston Over 60s League Home):G Coombe, P Fredersdorff ,M Nash 14 - 15: R Lowman, L Baldwin, A Dudley 9-17; G Lloyd, K Whatling, R Birmingham 11 - 23; B Paul, W Ainsworth, G Neville 16 - 19; J Sprouting(c), L Collier, M Adams 16 - 12; P Hopes, R Kibble, A Watts 10 - 23

21st April 2013 (Results as reported to Weston Mercury and Cheddar Gazette)

Winscombe visited Yatton for their first match of the new season on a sunny afternoon, which was in direct contrast to their Opening Day last Saturday when the traditional President v Captains match was cancelled because of the weather.
Despite initial promise on 3 rinks Yatton won decisively as Winscombe only won on 1 rink skipped by returning member Reg Birmingham.

Yatton 112 v Winscombe 80 (Friendly away)
Rink Scores: S Easterby,J Swift,K Whatling,M Adams 16 - 17 ;  R Lowman, R Kibble, G Neville, R Birmingham 26 - 14; R Weller, A Pye, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 11 - 27; G Lloyd, D Owen, L Collier, A Dudley 9 - 35; J Sprouting, M Trenchard, R Lacy, R Feltham 18 - 19; Result 80 - 112

15th APRIL 2013