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All Photos and Honours can be seen in 'The History Album' (beneath the Trophy Cabinet in The Pavilion) - The Album was donated by Lew Collier
Photos and Information kindly donated by:
Maria Forbes - Local Historian ; Colin Westlake , John Blewitt, Mike Adams, Jonathon Feltham



We must thank our three founders (Messrs. Moore, Anthony and Weekes ) who were privileged to play on the lawn of Hampden in Sidcot Lane (the home of Mr Moore).
In 1921 they had that gem of an idea of establishing a bowling club in Winscombe.

The ground on Sandford Road was obtained and the club opened in May 1922.

The rest as they say 'is history'!

Click on these to enlarge and read a report of the
opening of the green : in The Weston Gazette 27th May 1922

The site of the former Railway Inn is adjacent to the Woodborough Inn (now the car park) and the buildings followed the line of what is now Woodborough Drive


These are the first minutes recorded for Winscombe Bowling Club:

Minutes of Committee Meeting held at the Railway Hotel, Winscombe, May 5 th 1921
Present:- Messrs. J.A.Dunster, Amesbury, Moore, Weeks, Todd, Compton, Wake and Anthony
It was unanimously resolved that the Club be designated the Winscombe Bowling Club Limited.
Rules for regulating the Club were considered and finally adopted and the Secretary was ordered to have 75 copies printed.
It was decided to call a meeting for Thursday 18th inst. at 7.30pm.

Bert Fisher laid the first green with turf from Crook Peak
He was the grandfather of Mike Nash 2011 Club Captain



This postcard from about 1924 is Winscombe Bowling Club opposite the Village schools in Sandford Road . You can see the pavilion is being constructed(top left)


This picture is of the first game played on the new green in 1949.
This was after it was relaid following an infestation of 'leatherjackets'. Mrs Bob Cooper sent down the first wood.
Her husband (in blazer) , was club captain. Mr R S Brewer was the president.

The opening of the new extension by Mr E.M Trevor President of the English Bowling Association



The First County Match played at Winscombe in 1929 Somerset vs Gloucestershire.
The Somerset side included four Winscombe members: J.K.Dunster, H.R.House,R.Weeks, H.Moore


A Full List of The Club's Honours are listed on a separate page - HERE

Five Winscombe members have held the position of County President


G.E.Attwood 1965, R.F.J.Tripp 1985, C.S.Westlake 1994, J.C.Bearman 1996, J.A.Lukins 2003

Only three other clubs in the county can match this achievement- Victoria,Bath, Clevedon,

(extracted from Honours Boards by John Blewitt)


Photos of the new bank for the green 1965-66



1988 Opening Day


More Recent History in the Making

THE Properly Unified County Inaugural Meeting 14th November 2009 at Street BC

This meeting was attended by Club AND Ladies Secretaries
Mike Adams and Lorna Whatling.
A historic day ! The first time a lady from Winscombe BC has been able to vote at a Somerset County Meeting.

AGM Wednesday 24th February 2010

WBC now became a Unified Club in the “THE Properly Unified County”

Club Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of a motion to integrate Ladies into Full Membership of the Club . With effect from the start of our New Season (1st April 2010) Ladies will, for the first time, have full voting rights and the right to hold office on the Management Committee. The Ladies captain Helen Watson and the Ladies Secretary Lorna Whatling will be the first Ladies appointed to the Committee.

A historic meeting as this was the first time in the clubs 90 year history that ladies had been able to vote at this meeting . It was also agreed that at long last Pushers/Gatherers would be purchased to help members gather their woods after each end. 

29th March 2010

First Unified Committee Meeting

The Ladies Captain Helen Watson and Ladies Secretary Lorna Whatling were welcomed onto the Management Committee by President John Baker who said that this was a Historic day for The Club. Lorna Whatling thanked him on behalf of the ladies and said they all looked forward to working with the men for the good of the club. John reminded the members that there was a Ladies Club in 1923 just 2 years after the club was formed but this did not continue.


Winscombe Win Over 60's Cup
The Final was played at Yatton against Victoria BC


Captain Wilf Ainsworth holds cup aloft

The Weston and District Over 60's cup winners 2010 - Winscombe Bowling Club

Tuesday 6th September 2011

Winscombe retained the Weston & District Over 60's Cup v St Andrews


L to R: Andy Kiprianidies,Wilf ainsworth,Tom Ellis,Mike Hunt,Mal Hunter,Mike Adams ,Lew Collier, John Sprouting
Ken Whatling,Les Baldwin,Gerald Lloyd,Tony Watts,Tony Dudley,Graham Neville,Robin Lowman,Mike Roberts, Gerry Tofte, Mike Nash, Ronnie Wooten

Winscombe went on to win the Weston & District Over 60's league in 2014 and 2015 (see pictures below)



President John Baker receives the shield from President Barry Taylor of Banwell

As Captain Tony said after the match this was a team win but some need special mention......In the first leg a 22 shot win on Tommy Ellis's rink and a 10 shot win by Mike Adam's rink meant that once again we took a shot advantage back to Winscombe. This time however, it was not let slip and a fine win by Mike Adams rink by 16 shots ( despite dropping a 6 on the 20th end) and an 11 shot win by Mike Nash's rink (despite dropping a 5 on the19th end) saw Winscombe home by an aggregate 22 shots over the 2 legs.The Parrot Shield is back home where it belongs.

Winscombe 99 v Banwell 83 (The Parrot Shield Home leg): G Neville,M Hunter,A Watts,L Baldwin 18 -18 ;W Ainsworth ,G Tofte,R Feltham,M Adams 30 -14 ; K Whatling,R Lowman,J Baker,A Watson 8 - 20; R Knight,R Wootten M Roberts,T Ellis 18 - 17 ; N Hansford,L Collier,A Dudley,M Nash 25 - 14

The Winning Captain Tony Dudley



Winscombe continued a 5 year winning streak 2010 -2014


For History of the Parrot Shield Winners - Click Here


16th November 2010 -

The new Short mat has been delivered and installed........

Before delivering the first wood Club President John Baker wished everyone who played on it the same enjoyment
as those who had played on the old one for the last 20 years. Another historic day for WBC


Celebrated by a match v Barbarians

January 2011 -

Wilf Ainsworth elected Chairman of Weston and District Over 60's League

18th May 2011

Pushers/gatherers were used for the first time on this green in a National 2 rink mixed competition against Fosseway .
Winscombe lost the match by 5 shots but each team won on 1 rink. The Winscombe team was Mike Adams,Mike Roberts,I Tofte and Mavis Adams; Mike Nash,Ken Whatling,Sheila Nash and Jan Kimmins.

8th November 2011

A Special General Meeting voted unanimously with 3 abstentions to reorganise the Club to recognise the Club's Mixed status.
From 24th November 2011, following the AGM, the club will consist of 4 sections:Men,Ladies,Estate and Social .
These sections will report to a Management Committee.


- A New Terrace for the club under the new Veranda
Tony Dudley and Andrew Watson get grouting!!( Sadly both have passed away -2021)


On  24th May 2012 Ladies and Men Teams from Winscombe and Victoria BC Weston super Mare celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the opening of Winscombe green on 24th May 1922


- Sam Easterby selected for County under 25's



We win Weston and District Over 60's League


We retain our position as Champions of the Weston and District Over 60's League


- We finish 3rd in the the Weston and District Over 60's League and win KO Cup v Portishead RBL at Mark Moor .

L-R: Tom Ellis, Mike Newing,Mike Fletcher,Peter John,Tony Dudley,Bob Kibble, Geoff Coombe,Dave Peakall,Mike Adams, Paul Fredersdorff, Capt John Sprouting,Rob Lacy, Ken Whatling,Robin Lowman,Lew Collier, Graham Neville,Mike Nash, Brian Paul, Wilf Ainsworth

Lesley Fredersdorff elected as First Lady President



Winners of Weston & District Over 60's Cup and League Champions 2017


cup winners

Team includes:

Back Row: Paul Fredersdorff, Mike Adams, Dave Johnson, Mike Nash, Ken Whatling ,Peter John, David Peakall
Middle Row: John Sprouting,Reg Birmingham, Robin Lowman,Graham Neville, Geoff Coombe, Tom Ellis,Gerald Lloyd, Rob Lacy
Front Row: Bob Kibble,Paul Hopes,Dave Brown,Lew Collier (Capt), Mike Fletcher,Wilf Ainsworth
(Also played in The League and Cup: Bill Andrews,Brian Paul,Tony Dudley,Peter Cast,Roy Fisher,Malcolm Hunter,Roger Knight,Robin Lowis,Mike Newing,Colin Westlake,Bob Weller)
We extend the Veranda to fully weatherproof the Pavilion end.


Weston and District Over 60's League Knock Out Cup Final 2018- We win again!
Winscombe won the KO Cup for a third successive year. They 'did the double' last year winning both the league and the Cup.
This year they have had to settle for second place in the league which they secured on the same day as The Cup Final . Clarence failed by just one point to overhaul them in their last match of the season.
The Cup Final match between Isle of Wedmore and Winscombe ended up with a victory for Winscombe by 101 - 75 in somewhat cloudy and at times damp conditions.

60s cup

Back row: M Adams,T Ellis,R Lacy,M Sprouting,M Nash,D Brown,G Coombe,P John ,M Newing, D Peakall
Front: R Lowman,W Ainsworth,B Paul,P Fredersdorff,L Collier (capt),M Newing,G Lloyd,M Fletcher,K Whatling


All the News from 2018 season as reported to Weston Mercury Here


Finally Winscombe Bowling Club retired their ties and cravats and adopted a Club Shirt for all Competitive Matches from 1st June 2019.
The Ladies played the first match in their new shirts.:
Ladies first match wearing new shirts v Clevedon Prom - 5th June 2019
ladies shirts

Back Row: Chrissie Bryant, Sheila Nash, Angela Ainsworth
Front Row: Carol Hopes, Eve Watts, Mavis Adams, Pauline Pow, Maureen Sprouting
and the men:

men shirts
Winscombe won their first match wearing their new shirts against Norwest! Winscombe won on 3 rinks and drew on the other to take the match by 33 shots.
The Team: back row: Euan Kindred,Peter Cast,Dave Brown,Roy Fisher,Mike Adams,Geoff Coombe,Mike Smart,Nick Hansford,Dave Johnson
front row: Mal Dorrington,Brian paul,Paul Hopes,Mark Trenchard,Graham Neville,Wilf Ainsworth, Martyn Myland

2020 - Covid- 19

During 2020 this horrible virus swept the world and thousands of people were infected and dying.
The government introduced measures to protect the public and The NHS.
Eventually the Bowling Clubs were allowed to open but only for members and under very strict playing rules.
It's was a difficult year - An under statement!!

But Thanks to Careful Management by our Committee we were able to enjoy playing our great game .
Our 'pop up' bar (Thanks Wilf Ainsworth) and
Fish n Chip suppers (Thanks Peta Burns) have brought some normality back to Friday Evenings !
We managed to set up some Competitions for members too!
Congratulations to The Winners of the various Competitions and also to you all who took part.


Our Centenary Year 2021 and the virus is still with us!
A full Fixture List is being prepared with a number of 'Special Matches'
including Bowls England, County Presidents and The Barbarians!
The Bowling Club Opened to members only on 17th April again under strict rules!
Opened the green with the first bowl of the season & raised 'Our Centenary Flag'


The government had set a 4 step pathway back to normality and a rapid vaccination programme
These were the rules:-
. "Following guidance issued by Bowls England
Strict Covid Rules are in place. All matches will be played within the guidelines that restrict the total number of players of organised games to 24 with no spectators.
Travel - There is currently no car sharing allowed!
Committee have decided to cancel all Friendly Matches until the 17th May.
Please check Fixtures online for up todate match dates

Ladies: NSTL League has been cancelled with matches being played as friendlies if required.
Ladies Southey Cup - New Arrangements HERE
We have also arranged a Men's Internal Triples League in a round robin format on 5 separate days until 17th May.

For Roll Ups: YOU MUST book a rink with either Geoff Coombe or Ken Whatling.

with Fish'n Chip Supper "

From the 17th May we hope that normal Fixtures will be possible!

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