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The Club's main charity is the Children's Hospice South West.

A 'pig' resides on the bar hopefully collecting change from merry drinking members.
The Pig is charged from members spare change but also from, wrong bias donations and various other raffles etc.

Leading contributors to 'our pig' have increased.
Mike Newing was a worthy champion but is now checking his new woods more resulting in fewer contributions.
Thankfully our Men's Coaches Robin and Paul have made significant improvements
to the weight of the pig!
Now please remember the little ring goes on the inside!!
Thank you coaches for contributing to a worthy cause!!

All Details of our Club Charity can be found HERE


Charlton Farm

More About Children S West:-

"Our care is delivered through three hospices across the South West; Little Bridge House, Charlton Farm and Little Harbour."

"We provide hospice care for children with life-limiting conditions and their whole family across the South West. The care we offer is wide ranging; respite and short breaks, emergency care, palliative care and end of life care. We operate three hospices; Little Bridge House in North Devon, Charlton Farm in North Somerset and Little Harbour in mid"


You can donate HERE

We continue to support Educate the kids in Kenya.


We also sponsor a little girl in Kenya .
This charity is very hands on and every penny donated is spent on the kids.


Fatuma Hassan

You can see more about our links and support HERE


Members also support

eddyfatumatatu kesimesalimrobert

Children at school in Kenya

Check their website HERE
For all the latest news from EDUCATE THE KIDS - Matatu>>HERE


Thanks to your participation in and donation of prizes to our numerous spiders and raffles we have decided to round up our donation to Children's Hospice South West to £1500 .
Our donation to our Kenyan Charity Educate the Kids in Kenya will also be increased to £250 this year too!
Well Done Everyone.
Thank You.

Over recent years we have donated over £30,000 to South West Children's Hospice and also supported a number of other Charities through Spiders and members donations.

Keep sending down those 'wrong bias bowls' your errors are being well used!!.