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Founded 1921- 100 years of Village Bowls


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A Beginners Guide to Lawn Bowling
A Great Place to Learn the History of the game,The Rules,The Etiquette,Scoring and Lots More.
(With special thanks to Amelia)
More on Origins of The Game

Local Bowls Clubs

Victoria - Weston Super Mare
Ashcombe Park Bowling Club
St Andrews Bowling Club
Banwell Bowling Club

Bowls Associations

Somerset Bowls Association
The Official Website of the Somerset County Bowling Association

The Official Website of the English Bowling Association

The English Indoor Bowling Association
Information on The English Indoor Bowling Association

 The English Bowls Umpires Association
All Aspects on Umpires within the game of bowls

The English Deaf Lawn Bowls Association
Bowls for the deaf and hard of hearing

Visually Impaired Bowls England
Bowls for the visually impaired folk  

The English Shortmat Bowling Association
If you fancy Shortmat Bowling try this website 

Bowls Scotland
Bowls in Scotland

Bowl in the USA - Florida and N Carolina

Manufacturers of Bowls

Drakes Pride

Taylor Bowls.

Aero Bowls


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