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NEWS 2023

6th November 2023

The Ladies planned and executed perfectly a Surprise 90th Birthday Party for Joan Hunt.
Almost 30 Ladies attended and Joan was certainly taken by surprise with her presents and beautiful cake made by our resident expert Carol.
Joan certainly is a VERY young 90!!

joancakej and y

5th November 2023

Chris Bryant and dave Peakall receive the Trophy and cheque for winning the SCL Division One North at County Presentation Lunch .
Mike Adams received the Finalist Trophy (he came 2nd!) in the Hon Secretaries Competition (he's won it lots!).


w/e 23rd September 2023
Captains Closing Day: A lovely day. Good weather, Good Company and Good Food . Everything bowls is about!
The Captains' once again stiched up the Presidents Team but The President did win on two rinks including winning against the Club Captain!
Presidenr 102 v Captains' 130
Rink Scores: Mike Bravery,Sue Holt/Jen Atkinson, Greg Keena,Brian Paul 13 v Sue Hares,Maureen Bennett,Chris Broadbent, Pauline Pow,Pam Rolls 17; John Hart,Colin Burrell,Eve Watts, Tony Watts 11 v Adrian Pow,Trish V Haaren,Mike Rolls,Dave Brown 19;Ken Whatling,Lorna Whatling,Lew Collier,Mike Adams 18 v Dave Peakall,Colin Byles,Margaret Howell,Cris Bryant 14; Bob Bennett,Tina Darkin,Paul Fredersdorff,Mike Nash 7 v Tony Rowe,Paul Williamson,Angela Bougourd,Geoff Coombe 33; Martin Mildon,Mike Williamson,Yvonne Greenwood,Angela Ainsworth 17 v Carol Hopes,Tonty Atkinson/Dennis Holt, Chrissie Bryant,Graham Neville 22; Alan Broadbent,Keith Webber,Robin Lowis,Mal Dorrington 21 v Carol Milden,Maggie Hart,Maureen Sprouting, Joh Sprouting 8;Joan Hunt,Lin Coombe,Dennis Barrington-Light, Chris Greenwood 15 v Wilf Ainsworth,Larry V Haaren, Sue Lowis,Rob Lacy 16

Blaina Tourist visit - At the recent visit from Blaina Bowls tourist team, Winscombe were presented a memento of the Day


A good win at Congresbury by 4 shots!
Winscombe 83 v Congresbury 79 Mixed Away: C Hopes,T Van Haaren, B Paul, M Smart 14 - 17; P Pow, W Ainswoth, B Smart, M Nash 22-20; A Pow,M Williamson,A Bougourd, M Howell 11- 14 ; S Hares,L Van Haarem, C Greenwood 23 -8; Y Greenwood,J Hunt,K Webber, A Ainsworth, 13 -20
Ladies win 136 shots to 112 . We wont mention 'the handicap'! Well Done Ladies!

Winscombe 59 v Pontrhydyfen 66 : L Van Haaren,B Paul, R Lacy 17 - 15; W Ainsworth,C Byles,M Rolls, A Watts 13 - 22; D Peakall, K Whatling,M Nash, M Adams 11 -14; M Newing,D Johnson,M Dorrington 18 - 15

w/e 16th September 2023
LADIES - Winscombe 36 v Ashcombe 65 NSTL : C Hopes, A Bougourd, M Howell 9 -27; P Pow, Y Greenwood, J Hunt 15 - 15 ; P Rolls, T Van Haaren, A Ainsworth 12 -23

Winscombe over 55's played their final game of the season against Banwell winning by 119 shots ( 16pts) to 89 shots ( 4pts). Good wins on the Captains & Mike Adams rink helped secure the win which was supported by close games on the others. President Ken Whatling & Vice President Lew Collier turned in a winning performace on Tony Watts rink.
Rink Scores:
D Brown W Andrews G Coombe (Cpt) 28-15; K Whatling L Collier T Watts 22-12; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 17-15; D Johnson B Paul G Neville 11-17; C Greenwood  B Kibble D Peakall 12-20 ; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 29-10

Weston & District Over 55s Knock Out Cup Final at Victoria BC on Wednesday 13th September.
What a match. The lead switched back and forth between the sides , at one time it looked like The Vic would win but Winscombe rallied and in the end everyone around the green were counting up the individual rink scores:
Winscombe 95 v Victoria Saxons 94:Greg Keenan D Peakall T Watts 12-20;J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 27-6; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 14-18; D Johnson B Paul G Neville 10-23;C Greenwood C Bryant M  Smart 16-18;A Rows D Tape M Adams 16-9 reserve: Bob Kibble.
Great wins for Tom Ellis and Mike Adams rinks. It was close - very close. The final result was a win for Winscombe by just ONE shot!

Victoria Saxons had home green advantage and the knowledge that they were Division One Champions . Winscombe were third in the league. But this was a Cup Final. Everyone was up for the match particularly as Winscombe and The Vic are very good friends.
The Vics home advantage was very lucky as the Final Venue is decided on alphabetical order of clubs  in the league. Winscombe will host the final next year!

After the game players joined together and enjoyed a drink and some food provided by the Weston Over 55s Committee. Secretary Cliff Chudley and Chairman Wilf Ainsworth congratulated the winners and Cliff ( a Vic member) pointed out The Vic had won 4 rinks to two. Chairman Wilf ( a Winscombe member) presented the cup to Winscombe captain Geoff Coombe who thanked all players and supporters especially our travelling reserve Bob Kibble.

Another great day for Winscombe who have had a great year securing promotion to the county premier league and winning the KO Cup


Team Photo
l to r Tom Ellis, Dave Johnson, Tony Rowe, Chris Greenwood,Brian Paul, Dennis Tape,Chris Bryant, Graham Neville, Bill Andrews, Greg Keenan, John Sprouting, Rob Lacy, Capt. Geoff Coombe, Bob Kibble, Tony Watts, Mike Adams, Mike Smart, David Brown,Dave Peakall and many more

Ladies - Another close game against North Petherton. Won one,lost one,drew one and lost overall by 3 shots. This concludes the Wessex League matches.
Winscombe 37 v North Petherton 40 Wessex League : C Hopes, L Whatling, E Watts, C Bryant 9 - 16; P Rolls, L Coombe,Y Greenwood, M Howell 13 - 13; P Pow, M Sprouting, A Bougourd, A Ainsworth 15 -11

W/e 9th September 2023


Notts County Bowling Association 90th Anniversary Tour:: Sadly depleted in numbers this year - only 4 rinks - but a great occassion. A lovely , if steamy afternoon, followed by a delicious supper in the clubhouse.
The score did not really matter but Bennie was still upset to lose on the Captain's rink . Lew Collier was Captain of the day and thanked our guests for visiting every year since the 1930's! Quite an achievement!
Winscombe 53 v Notts County Tourists 66: K Horler,M Nash, D Peakall, R Lacy 10 - 23; M Newing,G Lloyd, J Sprouting, B Paul,5 - 20; L Collier (capt), K Whatling, P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 17 - 14; W Ainsworth,R Kibble, C Bryant, M Adams 21 - 9

Winscombe Over 55's won at Clarence winning by 92 shots ( 14 points ) to 80 shots ( 6 points ) and thereby securing 3rd place in the league behind Champions Victoria Saxons.
A good win by the rink skipped by Mike Adams supported by close games on the other rinks secured the points in a close fought match.
Greg Keenan Mike Fletcher T Watts 9-15; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 12-15; D Johnson B Andrews D Brown 14-12; D Peakall B Paul G Neville 18-12; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 28-11; M Newing C Bryant M Smart 11-15

Ladies Winscombe 39 (3pts) v Ashcombe 40 (7pts) Wessex Home:

Our match against Ashcombe was played in very hot conditions, but we managed to complete the compulsory 15 ends. 
The result was very close on Rink one, skipped by Chrissie Bryant.12 - 12 Frustratingly this rink had been in the lead all the way through and they just drew the match on the last end.
Margaret Howell’s rink put up a fine performance to win  23 - 8 but it wasn’t quite enough to cover the overall deficit on Rink 3 who lost 4 - 20.
We lost the game by 1 shot! 
Despite the frustration of this, we were pleased with our performance against  Ashcombe who always have a strong team. 
One shot! Very frustrating!

W/e 2nd September 2023

Winscombe Bowls Club Secure Promotion

l to r: Gregg Keenan,Bill Andrews,Mike Smart, Mike Adams,Geoff Coombe, Chris Bryant(capt),Tony Rowe, Brian Paul, Dave Leach, Tony Watts, Mal Dorrington, Mike Fletcher
Winscombe Bowls Club beat neighbours Banwell 10 points – 2 points which secured them the Division North 1 title and promotion to theSomerset County League Premier Division for the first time in many years. Mike Adams’ rink continued to be the most successful with a 36 – 14 victory and Malcolm Dorrington fought well to win 20 – 15. Mike Smart was only narrowly defeated.
Captained by Chris Bryant, the team fought back from losing its first match 0 – 12 to lose only twice more in the year.
Nineteen different players represented the club in the year with a blend of experience, which included Rob Lacy, Dave Brown, Dave Peakall, Graham Neville and newcomers Greg Keenan, Tony Rowe,Dennis Tape and Mike Smart.
Success in the league did not come alone. The Club has done consistently well in national and local competitions and the Over 55s team has reached the final of the KO Cup.

Winscombe 69 (10pts) v Banwell 46 (2pts) SCL Div One North:A Rowe, C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams 36 - 14; G Keena, M Fletcher, G Coombe, M Dorrington 20 - 15; D Leach B Andrews, B Paul, M Smart 13 - 17

div 1

SCL B Team lose at Clevedon Prom and finish 7th in the league by 39 - 67
: D Kibbey,M Mildon,D Johnson,W Ainsworth 11 - 18; K Horler,D Peakall,B Kibble ,J Sprouting 14 - 30; M Newing, K Whatling,D Barrington-Light, M Nash 14 - 19
Winscombe Men 69 v Abercarn Tourists 112: M Newing, G Lloyd,C Byles,L Collier 21 - 15; D Kibbey,R Bennett.M Williamson,M Nash 16 - 24; A Pow,C Burrell,M Trenchard,C Greenwood 14 - 29; W Ainsworth,P Williamson,D Hart,M Dorrington 12 - 17; K Webber,R Bolton,P Cast,R Reason 6 - 27

Ladies v North Petherton Wessex League: After two cancellations this match finally to place with the venue conceded to Winscombe:
Winscombe 37 v N Petherton 57: T Van Haaren,M Sprouting, Y Greenwood,J Hunt 11 - 18; P Pow. L Whatling, A Bougourd, C Bryant 11 - 16 ; C Hopes, M Hart, B Smart 15 - 23

Winscombe Over 55's won again in a rain reduced game on the Portishead RBL top rink by 86shots ( 13 points ) to 76 shots ( 7 points ).
We won on 2 rinks and drew on another which proved enough with Tony Watts rink scoring a 31-8 victory. This was supported by close games on other rinks.
M Newing C Greenwood R Lacy 10-10; G Keenan B Kibble A Watts 31-8; D Johnson B Paul G Neville 10-12; D Brown B Andrews G Coombe 19-12; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 9-13; D Peakall C Bryant M smart 7-21

On a very wet day Winscombe moved into the final of the Over 55's Cup with a 15 shot victory over Ashcombe Knights. All rinks were closely fought however a 21 - 6 victory on the rink skipped by Tont Watts helped secure
a 103 shots to 88 shot victory.Winscombe will play Victoria Saxons at Victoria BC on Wednesday 13th September at 2.30pm in The Final
D Brown B Andrews G Coombe 16-20; G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 21-6; P John B Paul G Neville 12-19; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 19-15; D Peakall C Bryant m Smart 14-13; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 21-16

Ladies Friendly v Mark Moor
: a very wet afternoon ( abandoned after 12 ends) . It was good to give some of our newer players a game and for some of our regulars a chance to play in different positions.
We won on two rinks but lost overall by 4 shots.: S Hares,P Pow,A Bougourd 12 -10; C Mildon,M Sprouting,A Ainsworth 11 -12; J Hart,J Bolton, M Howell 11 - 7; C Byles, E Watts,B Smart 6- 15

W/e 27th August 2023


Winscombe A 67 vs St Andrews 52 Home: T Rowe , D Peakall, A Watts , M Adams  30 – 13; G Keenan , B Andrews ,G Coombe , M Dorrington 14 – 26; D Leach ,G Neville,D Brown, M Smart  23 – 13
Winscombe B 56 v Victoria B 76 Home: J Sprouting , R Lowis , D  Barrington-Light, C Greenwood  18 – 33;K Horler ,D Johnson ,  W Ainsworth ,   G Neville 16 – 22; M Newing ,M Nash, R Kibble . B Paul  22 – 21

Other Matches:

B Team vs RBL 42 - 76
Rolls                       Barrington-Light               Kibble                    Paul                        17 – 15
Newing                 Sprouting                            Whatling              Peakall                    8 – 34 
Pow                       Ainsworth                           Nash                      Neville                   17 – 27

Men’s Friendly vs Wyrall Park 82 - 106
M.Williamson     Horler                    Brown                  14 – 17
Cast                       Broadbent           Dorrington           7 – 24
Poole                     P.Williamson       Lacy                    18 – 19
Lowis                     Burrell                   Smart               16 – 13
Kibbey                  Byles                      Watts               13 – 18
Trenchard            Bolton                   Bryant                 14 – 15

Mixed Friendly vs Banwell 43 - 60
Mrs Hunt             Mr .Hart               Mr Bolton            Mr Coombe    10 – 15
Mrs Coombe      Mr Mildon           Mr Van Haaren  Mrs Bryant          9 – 15
Mrs Mildon         Mr Byles               Mr Burrell            Mrs Rolls        13 – 14
Mr Hart                Mrs Bolton          Mrs Byles             Mr Rolls         11 – 16

Men’s Friendly vs Llantrisant 59 - 84
Newing                 Whatling              Kibble                    Paul                       13 – 15
Neville                   Byles                      Horler                    Greenwood        11 – 19
Poole                     Bar-Light              Cast                       Adams                14 – 11
Pow                       John                      Johnson               Nash                     10 – 20
Lloyd                     Rolls                       Peakall                  Smart                 11 – 19

After our very exciting win over Clevedon on 22nd August, we followed it up with a very close match against Victoria .
The rink skipped by Christie Bryant had a very close game all the way through. It was nip and tuck until the last end when the Skip secured the win with the very last shot!
The other two rinks fell behind from the off. Angie Ainsworth’s rink however, came back to overtake and win by 5 shots.
Overall, we lost by 4 shots but secured 4 points for the two winning rinks. A great improvement from our last game against  Victoria!
Winscombe 40 (4pts) v Victoria 44 (6pts)Wessex Home: P Pow, L Whatling,Y Greenwood, M Howells 11 - 23; C Hopes, E Watts, B Smart, A Ainsworth 15 - 10; P Rolls, M Sprouting, A Bourgourd , C Bryant 14 - 11

We WIN in Wessex League: Clevedon had some key players missing but nevertheless a good win for Winscombe by 13 shots and claim 8 points.
Winscombe 60 v Clevedon 47: C Hopes, J Hunt, Y Greenwood, A Ainsworth 24 - 7; P Pow, L Whatling, B Smart, R Lowis 29 - 9 ; P Rolls, L Coombe,C Bryant, M Howell 7 - 31
Winscombe Ladies 35 v Ashcombe 60 Wessex League Away: C Byles, L Coombe, B Smart, R Lowis 13 - 18; S Hares, M Hart , A Bourgourd,, M Howell 13 - 22; C Hopes, M Sprouting, J Hunt, C Bryant 9 - 20
Winscombe Ladies 33 v Ashcombe 55 NSTL Home: C Hopes, A Bourgourd, C Bryant 10 - 18; P Rolls, L Whatling, M Howell 7 - 24; PPow, Y Greenwood, A Ainsworth 16 - 13

Winscombe Over 55'swon a close fought encounter at Banwell by just 2 shots. Winning by 99 shots ( 12 points ) to 97 shots ( 8 points ) despite only winning on 2 rinks. Match was in the balance until the very last wood played on Tony Watts rink.
Graham Neville's rink were always ahead and won well this combined with a strong finish on Mike Adams rink provided the winning shots & 3 of the others were close games which helped towards the overall result.
Winscombe 99 (12pts) v Banwell 97 (8pts) Away:G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 18-21; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 13-18; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 25-14; D Johnson B Kibble M Smart 13-17; P John B Paul G Neville 25-5; J Sprouting D Peakall T Ellis 5-22

W/e 19th August 2023
Winscombe Over 55's lost by 7 shots to Ashcombe Crusaders. Losing on 5 rinks & the only highlight being an 18 shot win on Tony Watts rink. Winscombe 101 shots  (2 points ) Ashcombe 108 shots ( 18 points ).
G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 25-7; J Sprouting R Lacy  T Ellis 15-22; D Brown B Andrews G Coombe 15-20; P John B Paul G Neville 16-21;C Greenwood D Peakall C Bryant 15-20; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 15-18

Winscombe B 56 (2pts) v Victoria B 76 (10pts) SCL Home: J Sprouting, R Lowis, D Barrington-Light 18 - 33; K Horler, D Johnson,W Ainsworth, G Neville 16 - 22 ; M Newing, M Nash, R Kibble, B Paul 22 - 21
Winscombe B 46 (2pts) v Yatton 75: (10pts)SCL Away: T Poole, P Cast, D Barrington-Light,M Nash 13 - 29; A Pow, R Lowis, W Ainsworth, J Sprouting 14 - 31; M Newing, K Horler, R Kibble, B Paul 19 - 15
Winscombe 32 v Portishead 65 NSTL
at Home : J Bolton,Y Greenwood, M Howell 12 -17; P Rolls, M Hunt, C Bryant 10 - 19; M Hart, A Bougourd, A Ainsworth 10-29

W/e 12th August 2023
TauntonVivary Friendly Away . A good performance from some inexperienced bowlers but we lost overall.
The Bath Sydney Gardens Trophy match was cancelled because of rain.
NSBA 4 Dimensions Semi Final match v Clevedon Prom. We won the pairs but lost the other disciplines to exit this competion after a good run.

v North Petherton Wessex League Away. A very frustrating afternoon for our ladies. Once again the match was not played this time because North Petherton players were stuck in the holiday traffic!
Other Ladies matches played recently:-
Winscombe 59 v Isle of Wedmore 44 Wessex League Away: P Rolls, J Bolton, B Smart, M Howell 22 - 17; P Pow, J Hunt, C Bryant, S Lowis 13 - 13; C Hopes,T Van Haaren, Y Greenwood , A Ainsworth 24 -14
Winscombe 35 v Victoria 75Fear Plate Home: P Pow, M Sprouting,J Bolton, S Lowis 15 - 30; P Rolls, G Webb, Y Greenwood, M Howells, 12 -18; C Hopes, T Van Haaren, B Smart, C Bryant 8 - 27;
Winscombe48 v Portishead RBL 54 Away NSTL : P Pow, L Whatling, C Bryant 21 - 16; P Rolls, B Smart, M Howell 15 - 18; C Hopes, Y Greenwood, A Ainsworth 12 - 20

SCL A Team won at Nailsea by 15 shots and secured another 10 points and returnto top the league!.
Winscombe A 71 (10pts) v Nailsea A 56 (2 pts) Away: D Brown, M Fletcher, G Coombe,M Dorrington 29 - 17; A Rowe, C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams 17 - 18; D Kibbey,D Peakall, M Smart, R Lacy 25 -21

SCL B Team v Victoris B - Match abandoned after trial ends. Green fllooded!

We lost a friendly at Bridgwater.A very inexperienced side travelled to Bridgwater to play on a very heavy green.
Winscombe 41v Bridgwater 91Away: G Lloyd, C Byles, R Bennett, M Rolls 9 - 25; J Hart. A Broadbent, L Van Haaren, B Paul 11 - 14; D Holt, K Webber, K Horler, D Johnson 14 - 27; T Poole,T Atkinson, D B Light, R Pike 7 -25

Winscombe Over 55's lost by just one shot on a challenging rink at Burnham . This despite Winscombe winning on 4 rinks , drawing on another & losing on just one rink Many thanks to Robin Lowis for coming in to play at the very last moment.
Winscombe 105 (9pts) v Burnham 106(11pts) A Rowe, D Johnson, M Adams 18-17 ; R Lowis, M Fletcher, T Watts 14-25; J Sprouting, D Peakall, T Ellis 18-12; D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe 18-17 ; C Greenwood, C Bryant, M Smart   18-18 ; P John, B Paul, G Neville 19-17

W/e 29th July 2023
SCL - A team lose out on two rinks at Bristol and pick up just 2 points but maintain Top Spot in Division One North. Rob Lacy (with an eye patch after a small op) came back from 1 - 13 to win by 8 shots..
Winscombe A 50 (2pts) v Bristol B 65 (10pts) Away : D Leach, D Peakall, M Smart, R Lacy 24 - 16; D Kibbey,C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams  19 - 23; D Brown,W Andrews, G Coombe, M Dorrington   7 - 26
B team win easily on all 3 rinks to pick up maximum 12points against Wrington.
Winscombe B 88 (12pts) v Wrington 46 Home: J Sprouting, M Trenchard, K Whatling, C Greenwood 23 - 18; T Poole,D Johnson,W Ainsworth,M Nash 29 - 16; M Rolls, R Lowis, R Kibble, B Paul 36 - 12

Over 55's KO Cup v Wedmore
On a very wet day Winscombe Over 55's moved into the next round of the Over 55's Cup with a decisive 30 shot victory over a strong Wedmore side.
Winning on 5 rinks and by 30 shots overall - 110 shots to 80. Good wins on the rinks skipped by Tom Ellis ,Tony Watts & Geoff Coombe secured the win.
G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 23-13; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 17-15; P John B Paul G Neville 8-20 ; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 21-10 ; C Greenwood C Bryant M Smart 14-11; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 27-11

Wedmore Plate _ We lose on extra end!
With about 4 ends to go Winscombe were winning by 11 on one rink , by two on another and losing by 1 and 4 on the other two. So ahead by 9 overall.
With 3 of the four rinks finished Winscombe were winning by only two shots. Winscombe’ s first rink to finish -who had won by 11 shots - Chris Greenwood. Mike Smart,Brian Paul and Darren Kibbey played the extra end and lost to a great bowl from St Andrews lead Ken Uglow.
It proved to be decisive as Barry Forse’s rink had two ends to play. He lost the penultimate end by one shot. Winscombe were three shots ahead on the last end. St Andrew’s drew 3 shots. Match all square. Dave Brown for Winscombe drew the shot. Winscombe were ahead again. Barry Forse removed it with his first wood. Winscombe’s skip Mal Dorrington failed to get second bowl and the match was drawn.
BUT Winscombe had lost the extra end so it was St Andrew’s who go through to the next round.
Winscombe 63 v St Andrews 63 Home: D Kibbey,B Paul, M Smart, C Greenwood  24 - 13; A Rowe, D Peakall, AWatts,M Adams 13 - 16; P John,D Brown, G Coombe, M Dorrington 11 - 19; G Keenan, M Fletcher, D Tape,R Lacy 15 - 15

The Marjorie Stewart Inkstand v Madeira
Club Captain Chris Bryant receives the Marjorie Stewart Inkstand back from Madeira Captain Dave Moody .
We won by a big margin to restore the record to 37 wins each .
Winscombe 148 v Madeira 101 Home : P John, M Nash, M Adams  29 - 17; A Pow, K Whatling, G Neville 15 - 22; P Cast, D Peakall, M Rolls  24 - 26 ; W Ainsworth, G Keenan,C Bryant 26 - 7; D Johnson, K Horler, M Smart 31 - 8; D Kibbey, R Kibble, B Paul  23 - 21

W/e 22nd July 2023

Over 55's: Winscombe secured a good win over Portishead RBl. winning on 4 rinks & by 103 shots ( 16 points ) to 86 shots ( 4 points ).
Mike Smart skipped the best winiing rink and Tom Ellis recovered yet again fron an 11 shot deficit !.
P John D Peakall G Neville 14-17 ; C Greenwood C Bryant M Smart 21-10; D Brown B Andrews G Coombe 18-16; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 18-8; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 18-16; G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 14-19

Ladies v RBL NSTL : We played on a very tricky/ rough green at Portishead.   RBL seemed more at home with the vagaries of their green and managed to win on each rink.
Winscombe 37 v Portishead RBL 62 : C Hopes, A Bourgourd, M Howell 9 - 17; P Pow, C Bryant, S Lowis 11 - 20; P Rolls, Y Greenwood, A Ainsworth 17 - 25

Ladies v Yatton: Winscombe Ladies had a good result in their Friendly Match against Yatton on Monday 17th July- winning on all rinks.
Yatton arrived with one player short but still had a competitive game on a lovely green and with sunny weather. Indeed they were very complimentary about our green and how great it was. Much praise to Lew and his team!
Great to have ‘a win’! Well done to all who played.
Winscombe 46 v Yatton 27: S Hares,J Hart, M Sprouting, M Howell 15 - 9 ; JBolton, L Coombe , J Hunt, B Smart 15 - 10 ; C Hopes, G Webb,T Van Haaren, A Bougourd 16 - 8

ken barry
President Ken Whatling with Banwell president Barry Taylor after Winscombe retain The Parrot Shield

PARROT SHIELD - A comprehensive victory 47 shots in the 2nd leg at home added to the shot difference (27) at Banwell in the 1st leg saw Winscombe achieve one of the biggest overall wins in living memory.
Wedmore Plate - we had a bye in the 1st round and meet St Andrews at 6.00pm on Tuesday 25th July at Home
Winscombe 120 v Banwell 73 Greg Keenan, Mike Fletcher, Dennis Tape, Rob Lacy 28 – 7 ; Peter John, Mike Nash, Dave Peakall, Graham Neville  12 – 23 ; Tony Rowe, Chris Bryant, Tony Watts, Mike Adams  11 – 27; Dave Brown, Mike Smart, Bill Andrews, Geoff Coombe 32 – 5; Wilf Ainsworth, Chris Greenwood, Brian Paul, Malcolm Dorrington  37 - 11

NSBA KO Cup- On an aweful afternoon, with continuous heavy rain showers, Ashcombe managed to gain victory over a depleted Winscombe team .
Winscombe 86 v Ashcombe 114: Wilf Ainsworth, Ken Whatling, Chris Bryant, Mike Adams 15 – 26 ; Peter Cast, Lew Collier, Ray Reason, Dave Brown 18 – 22; John Sprouting, Mike Nash, Mike Fletcher, Mike Smart 16 – 27; Terry Poole, Mike Rolls, Paul Fredersdorff, Brian Paul 19 – 14; Darren Kibbey, Robin Lowis, Ray Pike, Tony Watts 18 – 25

W/e 15th July 2023
SCL Div One North : Winscombe A moved to Top the Table after a 10 shot win at Yatton
Winscombe 62 (10pts) v Yatton 52 (2pts)Away: G Keenan, D peakall, B Paul, M Smart 18 - 20; D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe, M Dorrington 26 - 19; A Rowe, C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams 18 - 13

Wessex League :- Ladies 32 v Clevedon Prom 63 Home : P Rolls, Y Greenwood, B Smart, C Bryant 10 -19: C Hopes, E Watts, J Hunt, A Ainsworth 9 -18; T Van Haaren,P Pow, A Bougourd,S Lowis 13 -26
NSBA 4 Dimensions-
Winscombe move into the semi final of this competition after beating Ashcombe Park in all 4 elements. They will have a home draw against either Nailsea or Clevedon Prom.
Mal Dorringron won the singles 21 -18; Dave Brown & Geoff Coombe won the pairs 25 - 11; Greg Keenan, Mike Smart & Mike Fletcher won the triples 18 - 17; Tony Rowe, Chris Bryant, Dennis Tape & Mike Adams won the rink 28 --11

Winscombe Over 55's raced to an impressive 70 shot victory away at Yatton. Winning on all rinks and by 136 shots ( 20 points ) to 66 shots ( nil points ).
On a difficult green most rinks struggled at first but persevered and moved to good wins. Tom Ellis came back from 11-1 down to win and a tight struggle on the Captains rink was only resolved on the last end by them picking up a 5.
Winscombe Over 55's136 v Yatton 66 Away: A Rowe D Tape M Adams 23-14; J Sprouting D Peakall T Ellis 24-13; G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 23-6; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe ( Cpt ) 21-14; P John M Nash B Paul 21-13;
C Greenwood C Bryant M Smart 24-6

Sunday 9th July 2023
Victoria BC beat Clevedon BC 8-5 in a dramatic final  - Mike Cooper,Colin Gazzard and Peter Sloman

There was lots of drama in the Winscombe Men's Annual Triples Tournament.
It was an early 9.00am start for 24 Teams from all over the South West including two teams from The Mackintosh Club in South Wales and one team from The Madeira BC in Exmouth Devon..
The Tournament is split into two groups of 12 teams, taking turns to play 4 , one hour matches.Two points for a win etc.
The weather was kind until about 5.00pm when a horrendous thunder storm added to the drama and halted play for about 30 minutes! The superb playing surface, prepared by Greenkeeper Lew Collier, took the deluge and play resumed after the green drained quickly.
The winners of Group A played the winners of group B in a ten end final. But who had won Group A? The Victoria BC from Weston had the same points as a team entered by MIke Nash from Winscombe. Both had the same shot difference! So a count back of 'ends won' was needed ! Victoria had won 22 ends and Winscombe 21. Just one end put The Vic into the final against a strong side from Clevedon featuring Lee and Sam Stocker.
The Runners up Final was contested by Winscombe and aptly named Raincoats from The Mackintosh BC in Cardiff. Both finals were nip and tuck with The Vic going into the last end one shot ahead! The Vic were holding one shot (enough to win) and Sam Stocker decided to fire. He put the jack into the ditch, killing the last end. Under the rules, that's two shots away and The Vic had won!

Meanwhile it was also close in the match for 3rd and 4th places. After 7 ends the score was 6-6 . Then Winscombe picked up 4 shots but The Raincoats responded picking up 5 shots on the next end to put them into the lead as they played the last end. .Excellent lead bowling by John Sprouting assisted by Mike Nash and Paul Fredersdorff won the day and Winscombe picked up the 2 shots needed to win a deserved 3rd place.
The Trophy and Prize monies were presented by Joe Mcloskey CEO of The Tournaments sponsors Avoncrop Amenity Services with thanks to all concerned with this great day of bowls from Winscombe President Ken Whatling.

W/E 7th July 2023

Winscombe A77 (12pts) v Burnham A 27(0pts) Away: We demolish Burnham.
T Rowe,C Bryant,A Watts, M Adams 21 -9; D Peakall, C Greenwood, D Brown, M Dorrington 33 - 7; G Keenan, M Smart, M Fletcher, R Lacy 23 - 11

Parrot Shield 1st Leg : This most important contest of the year for bragging rights and The Parrot Shield is 'fought out' over two legs. The first leg this year was played at Banwell and resulted in a win by 27 shots by the holders Winscombe.
The match result was Winscombe 113 v Banwell 86 : A Rowe.C Bryant,A Watts.M Adams 37 - 10; D Leach, W Ainsworth,B Paul,M Dorrington 23 - 15; P John. M Nash, D Peakall, G Neville 12 - 25; D Brown,M Smart, W Andrews, G Coombe 23 - 18; G Keenan, M Fletcher, D Tape , R Lacy 18 - 18

The rinks skipped by Mike Adams and Mal Dorrington were always ahead, whilst Graham Neville's rink was always behind, Geoff Coombe was fairly even and Rob Lacy pulled back well from 8 - 14 down to draw.

Turnbull Cup: Winscombe v Victoria BC Away
Winscombe were knocked out of this prestigious County Club Competition by a very strong Victoria team. Winscombe won one rink and drew another but it was not enough to wipe out the deficits on the other two rinks. Winscombe have a Bye in the 4th round of the Wedmore Plate as Banwell were unable to field a team against Taunton. Their next match will on 25th July at Home.
Winscombe 53 v Victoria 70 Away: A Rowe,C Bryant,A Watts,M Adams 20 - 18; D Leach,B Paul,M Smart, C Greenwood 9 - 15; G Keenan, D Peakall, M Fletcher, R Lacy 10 - 23; P John, D Brown,G Coombe,M Dorrington 14 - 14

Winscombe Over 55's
suffered a 20 shot loss at Victoria in a re arranged game. Winning on 2 rinks and losing on 4 and by 89 shots ( 4 points) to 109 shots ( 16 points ) overall.
 Mike Smart skipped best winning rink and Tom Ellis picked up a 2 on the last end to win by just one shot !
A Rowe D Tape M Adams 15-17; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 15-21; G Keenan M Fletcher T Watts 14-19; P John B Paul G Neville 8-24; C Greenwood C Bryant M Smart 18-11; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 18-17

W/e 1st July 2023
Both SCL Teams have decisive wins. The A Team in Division OneNorth entertained Clarence and won well on all three rinks picking up the full 12 points
Winscombe A 62 (12pts)v Clarence A 31 (0pts)Home: D Brown,B Andrews,G Coombe, M Dorrington 24 - 10; T Rowe, C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams 21 - 10; G Keenan,M Smart,M Fletcher,R Lacy 17 - 11
Winscombe B Team in Division two North were away at old rivals and friends at Banwell. They two had good wins on two rinks but lost a nip and tuck game by just two shots on Banwell's infamous rink one. They picked up 10 of the 12 points.
Winscombe B 65 (10pts)v Banwell 40 (2pts)Away : M Newing,R Lowis,L Collier,B Paul 16 - 18; D Leach,W Ainsworth,M Nash.G Neville 23 - 15; J Sprouting, D Peakall,K Whatling,C Greenwood 26 - 7

Winscombe Ladies 27 v Clevedon Prom 60 NSTL: C Byles,Y Greenwood,C Bryant 11 -23; C Hopes,A Bougourd, L Whatling 11 - 18; P Rolls,J Hunt,R Lowis 5 - 19

Winscombe Ladies 26 v Clevedon 64 Wessex League
Amidst traffic chaos (as the M5 was closed) - we travelled to Clevedon- in hope!
It was a tough afternoon with Clevedon winning on all rinks. ( to top it all there was no improvement in the traffic and it took over an hour and a quarter to get home!)
S Carson, Y Greenwood, J Hunt, A Ainsworth 8 -27 ; T Darkin, S Hares,A Bougourd,S Lowis 9 -19 ; M Hart, J Bolton, M Howell, C Bryant 9 -18

Winscombe Over 55's scored an emphatic 67 shot victory over Isle Of Wedmore winning on all 6 rinks and by 128 shots ( 20 points) to 61 shots ( Nil points ).
Good wins on all rinks with the highlight being a 29 shot win on the Captain's rink.
P John, B Paul, G Neville 15-12; J Sprouting, R Lacy, T Ellis 19-17 ; A Rowe, D Tape, M Adams 21-6; G Keenan, C Greenwood ,C Bryant   24-13 ; D Peakall, M Fletcher, T Watts 19-12; D Brown, B Andrews, G Coombe (capt) 30-1

Winscombe Mixed Team beat Keynsham in a friendly match by two shots 64 - 62
Chrissie Bryant and Pam Rolls on 'the mat'!

W/e24th June 2023

SCL Matches :Winscombe A 60(3pts)v Chew Stoke A 61 (9pts) Home : T Rowe, C Bryant,A Watts,M Adams 25 - 10; G Keanan, D Brown,W Andrews, G Coombe 17 -17; D Leach,D Peakall,M Fletcher. R Lacy 18 - 34
On rink one Winscombe built a solid lead which they kept to the finish, winning 25 – 10. On rink two it was very close throughout before Chew Stoke levelled with the last bowl, 17 – 17. On rink three it was 18 – 18 with seven ends to play but the visitors pulled away to win 34 – 18. So it finished one rink each with one halved, but the shot score was 61 – 60 to Chew Stoke and the match score was 9 points - 3 pts . The visitors won. 
But if one of the rinks had gained just one shot more the score would have been reversed!
Winscombe B 47 v Isle of Wedmore 67 (12pts)Away :M Newing, M Nash, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 14 - 26; D Johnson, P Cast, B Paul, C Greenwood 18- 22 ; W Ainsworth, K Horler, R Reason, J Sprouting 15 - 19
The Winscombe B Team were beaten by a very heavy green and lost on all 3 rinks.

Somerset County Matches : Comgratulations to Chris Greenwood and Peter Cast who have both been selected to play in the Somerset County Teams.
Chris will play in a Triples match against Herefordshire at St Martins BC on 6th July and both Peter and Chris will play at Lambourn BC against Berkshire on 13th July. Well Done Both!

Winscombe Ladies v Clarence NSTL at Home: It was a nail- biting end to a very good match for Winscombe. We took eight of the ten points!Winscombe won on two rinks to one and by one shot overall.
We meet Clarence again in the first round of the Fear Cup in a couple of weeks.
Winscombe: 34 v Clarence: 33: C Byles.L Whatling,M Howell 6 - 16; J Bolton, E Watts, S Lowis 16- 10; P Pow, A Bougourd,C Bryant 12 - 7
Over 55's Men lost at home to Burnham - losing on 5 rinks & winning just 1 & by 88shots ( 2 points ) to 109 shots (18 points ).
Only Graham Neville's rink managed a convincing win by 25 shots - 2 others were close losing by just 1 & 2 shots respectively.
P John B Paul G Neville 32-7; G Keenan M Fletcher G Coombe 14-16; M Newing W Andrews D Brown 10-29; D Peakall M Smart T Watts 10-22; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 8-20; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 14-15

Winscombe Ladies 35 v Victoria 41 Wessex Away: P Pow,M Hart,M Howell,C Bryant 12 - 9; P Rolls,M Sprouting B Smart, A Ainsworth 9 -17; S Carson,C Byles, A Bougourd, R Lowis 14 -15
This was a very close affair, with one rink winning and another pulling back well from poor start ( down by 7 after 3 ends)-  it was very frustrating to lose by 1 point in the end on this rink. Sadly the victory on Chrissie Bryant’s rink wasn’t enough to secure an overall win.

W/e 17th June 2023
The A Team lose on two rinks but win the match thanks to a good win by Rob Lacy's rink.
Winscombe A 57(8pts) v Clevedon B 49 (4pts) Away: G Keenan, W Ainsworth, M Fletcher,R Lacy 23 - 11 ; A Rowe,C Bryant,A Watts,M Adams 14 - 17; D Brown, J Sprouting,G Neville, M Dorrington 20 -21

The B team were at Home to St Andrews B and won on two rinks to one to pick up another 10 points.
Winscombe B 62 v St Andrews B 59 : K Horler, P Cast, P Fredersdorff, M Nash 21 - 18; A Pow,G Poynter,K Whatling,C Greenwood 21 - 17; M Newing, D B- Light ,B Kibble, B Paul 20 - 24

Winscombe Men have successful week winning in two KO Cup Competitions and also in the Weston Over 55's Triples League.

Winscombe won again at Portishead RBL to move into the next round of the Over 55's KO Cup ;winning on 4 rinks to 2 and by 25 shots overall. Winscombe 113 shots RBL 88 shots.
The top rinks were again skipped by Mike Adams & Tom Ellis who won by 14 and 17 shots respectively.All rinks fought very hard on a very difficult green.
Winscombe 113 v Portishead RBL 88 Away: J Sprouting, R Lacy, T Ellis 26-9; D Peakall, B Kibble, D Brown  15-23; P John, B Paul, G Neville 17-12; M Nash, M Smart, T Watts 17-16; M Newing, M Fletcher, G Coombe 9-23; A Rowe, D Tape, M Adams 29-5

Winscombe continued their winning run in the Over 55's League with a convincing win over old rivals Victoria Saxons. Winning on 4 rinks to 2 and by 115 shots ( 16points ) to 90 shots ( 4 points ).
Top winning rink was skipped by Tom Ellis by 19 shots
D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 12-20; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis 30-11; D Peakall M Smart T Watts 19-13; A Rowe D Tape M Adams 28-12; M Newing G Keenan M Fletcher 9 -21; P John B Paul G Neville 17-13

And another Win in the NSBA 4 Dimensions 1st Round away at St Andrews.
The disciplines were tied 2 -2 but Winscombe had 23 more shots than St Andrews, so were the overall winners to play Ashcombe Park or Portishead .
.Winscombe 76 v St Andrews 53 Away: Singles : M Dorrington 19 v R Withers 21; Pairs : D Brown,G Coombe 18 v J Keay,B Reeves 20; Triples: M Smart.M Fletcher,R Lacy 22 v T Wyatt,A Macmillan,B Duffey 10 ; Rink: T Rowe,C Bryant,A Watts,M Adams 17 v R Potter,D Bailey,B Forse, D Johnson 2

mal dorrington

Winscombe Ladies were not so successful .
On a sweltering day, we travelled to Clevedon to face a very strong Clevedon team.
We played reduced ends ( 15 ) as it was so hot.
The rink skipped by Margaret Howell got off to a strong start, before Clevedon got into their stride. On the other two rinks we faced two very strong County players as Skips, and it seemed that no matter what the Leads and number 2’s did, their very strong, experienced skips, managed to destroy our hard work and take control of the head! 
 The scores really do not reflect the play! Congratulations to Chris Byles who had her maiden League game and played very well .

Winscombe 20 v Clevedon 60 NSTL Away: S Carson,E Watts, M Howell 11 - 17; P Pow, A Bourgourd, A Ainsworth 4 - 22 ; C Byles, M Sprouting, C Bryant 5 - 21

The Ladies met a very strong Taunton Deane side in the first round of The Southey Cup. They lost all 4 disciplines but Carol Hopes, in the singles, had a mighty struggle against a very feisty lady and lost by just one shot.

Ladies v Congresbury in the Wessex League
The Congresbury team were on top form and took the lead from the start.
They didn’t falter, and stayed strong until the end.
Congratulations to Maggie Hart who played very well today in her first League match!
Winscombe 24 v Congresbury 55 Home: G Webb,P Pow,M Sprouting,L Whatling 10 - 18; T Darkin,M Hart, A Bourgourd, C Bryant 7 - 19; P Rolls, L Coombe,B Smart, M Howell 7 -18

W/e 10th June 2023

A & B Teams win in the County League . A Team currently 4th in Div 1 North and B Team currently 2nd in Div 2 North
A Team 78 v Clevedon Prom B 45 Home SCL :
D Brown,W Andrews,G Coombe, M Dorrington 19 - 19; D Leach,G Keenan, M Fletcher, R Lacy 30 - 14; T Rowe,C Bryant, A Watts, M Adams 29 -12
B Team 62 v Ashcombe B 52 Away:
M Newing,M Nash,P Fredersdorff,G Neville 23 - 7;W Ainsworth, R Reason, K Whatling.D Peakall 26 - 24; A Pow, G Poynter, J Sprouting, B Paul 13 - 21

We also played two Welsh touring sides and were beaten by both :
Winscombe 90 v Ceredigion 105: S. Crew, R. Bolton, B. Kibble , M. Smart 21 – 17; W. Ainsworth, D. Holt, M. Rolls, C. Bryant 17 – 27; J. Hart , G. Lloyd, L. Collier, B. Paul 13 – 19; M. Bravery,K. Horler,P. Cast, R. Lacy 25 – 13; M. Newing, A. Broadbent, P. Fredersdorff  M. Nash 14 – 29

Winscombe 82 v Gelligaer 132 :S. Carson,B. Bennett, M. Nash, M. Smart 29 – 14; P. Pow, A. Pow,W. Ainsworth , C.P. Bryant 7 – 29; P. Rolls, L. Coombe , D. Bar-Light , G. Coombe 10 – 27; M. Hart, J. Hart,M. Sprouting, J. Sprouting 8 – 32; C. Hopes , L. Van Haaren, B. Smart , T. Watts 16 – 18; Y. Greenwood, A. Bougourd, P. Cast , M. Rolls 12 - 19
Saturday 3rd June 2023

Winscombe A Team took on Ashcombe at Ashcombe Park . Ashcombe the current leaders in Somerset County League - Div One North.
The closing stages of the match played out in dramatic fashion!
Mike Fletcher's rink finished first . He lost by 4 shots. Next was Mal Dorrington's rink and they tied.
Mike Adams rink was 3 up with two ends to play .
The 20th end took forever - the threes took four or five minutes measuring and then Ashcombe’s skip ,Chris Cunningham took over but eventually gave Winscombe the shot. The match was tied!
The last end was tense! Winscombe were holding one shot and went on to win the end. So Winscombe had won the match by just one shot across the three rinks . The points were Winscombe 9 points – Ashcombe 3!
Winscombe A 51(9pts)v Ashcombe A 50 (3pts)SCL Away: T Rowe, C Bryant, A Watts M Adams 19 -14 ; D Brown, W Andrews, G Coombe, M Dorrington 17 - 17; D Leach, D Peakall, R Lacy, M Fletcher 15 - 19

. Wednesday 31st May 2023
Over 55's League : Winscombe scored an emphatic 53 shot win over Yatton winning on 5 rinks and by 128 shots ( 18 points ) to 75 shots ( 2 points). Graham Neville's rink returned to form with a  31 -9 win.
G Keenan C Bryant M Fletcher 9-17 ; D Johnson M Smart T Watts 18-13 ; P John B Paul G Neville 31-9 ; A Rowe D Tape M Adams    28- 13 ; J Sprouting R Lacy T Ellis  21-16 ; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 21-13

Tuesday 30th May 2023
Our Ladies had a good win against RBL in the NSTL . Our wins on two rinks was enough to make up the deficit on Rink 1.
We are very pleased with this win and scored the most points we have had for a very long time!
Winscombe: 53  Portishead RBL: 44. NSTL. Pauline Pow, Eve Watts, Chrissie Bryant 15:20; Jane Bolton, Lorna Whatling, Angela Ainsworth 17:14; Carol Hopes, Angela Bougourd, Margaret Howell 21:10

Sunday 28th May 2023
Winscombe 67 v Purnells128 Mixed:
K. Webber           L Van Haaren      P. Fredersdorff                   10 – 27
l. Coombe            M. Hart                 G. Coombe                       12 – 17
P. Pow                   J. Atkinson          M. Nash                           11 – 22
T. Atkinson          R. Bolton              M. Smart                           12 – 20
J. Hart                   C. Byles              M. Howell                       17 – 19
A. Pow                 T. Van Haaren    K. Horler                           5 – 23

Saturday 27th May 2023
The Men's Greenkeepers Competition :
On a beautiful afternoon 12 pairs played 4 matches of 7 ends. The best two pairs played off in the final. The first shock of the afternoon was when red hot favourites Mike Adams and Dave Brown (last years winners) were defeated in their first game by Ken Whatlung and Dave Peakall. Whatling and Peakall went on to win all 4 matches , the only pair to do this.
However, they had to play Mike Smart and Greg Keenan in a 10 end final. This made 38 ends in the afternoon and was one end two far when Smart got the shot on the last end to win by 2 shots overall.
The magnicent Cup ,donated by Colin Westlake, was presented by his widow Jill Westlake watched by current Greenkeeper Lew Collier.
2023 winners

Friday 26th May 2023
In the Over 55's we win another close game away against Wedmore . Winning on 2 rinks Losing on 3 and drawing on the other. A good win on the rinks skipped by Mike Adams & Ellis secured the overall win.
Winscombe 115 shots ( 13 points) Wedmore 105 shots ( 7 points ). D Kibbey P Fredersdorff T Watts 17-21; G Poynter C Bryant M Fletcher 13-18; A Rowe J Sprouting M Adams 33-14; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 19-19; D Peakall M Smart T Ellis 26-12;P John B Paul G Neville 7-21

Wednesday 24th May 2023
Our Ladies played Clarence in the NSTL and lost heavily on two rinks. Jane Bolton,Yvonne Greenwood and Joan Hunt our only success!
Winscombe 35 v Clarence65. NSTL: Jane Bolton, Yvonne Greenwood, Joan Hunt 16:13; Carol Hopes, Gill Webb, Chrissie Bryant 10:31; Pauline Pow , Angela Bougourd, Margaret Howell 9:21

Tuesday 23rd May 2023
In the Tony Allcock Trophy we win on one rink and lose on the other but win overall.

Monday 22nd May 2023
In the Over 55's Cup - Winscombe moved into the next round overcoming Portishead by 103 to 98 shots in closely fough match which was decided only on the last 2 ends where Winscombe picked up 6 shots to win by 5.
Tony Watts picked up a 4 amd  Geoff Coombe rink a 2 so Tony didn't have to bowl hos last wood.
D Johnson R Pike T Watts 18-13; D Brown W Andrews G Coombe 19-10; G Keenan C Bryant M Fletcher 21-21; P John B Paul G Neville 16-19; T Rowe W Ainsworth M Adams 18-15; D Peakall C Greenwood T Ellis 11-20

Our Ladies draw in a Friendly at Yatton
Winscombe Ladies 34 v Yatton 34 :Gill Webb, Carol Mildon, Shelley Carson, Chrissie Bryant 14:15 ; Pauline Pow, Trish Van- Haaren, Angela Bougourd, Joan Hunt 14:14;Maggie Hart, Maureen Sprouting, Yvonne Greenwood, Angela Ainsworth 16:15

Saturday 20th May 2023
SCL - Both teams now up and running after both losing their first Fixtures
Our A Team beat Portishead on two rinks and drew the other whilst the B Team did exactly the same against Mark Moor
Rink Scores: WBC A 79 (11pts) v Portishead 44 (1pt): T Rowe, C Bryant A Watts , M Adams 39 - 8; D Brown,W Andrews,G Coombe, M Dorrington 13 - 13; D Kibbey, D Leach, D Peakall,M Fletcher 27 - 23
WBC B 69 (11pts)v Mark Moor 37(1pt): A Pow, K Horler, D Johnson, M Nash 26 - 9 ; M Newing, R Kibble, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 19- 19; J Sprouting, L Collier, K Whatling, C Greenwood 24 - 9

Wednesday 18th May 2023
Friendly v Taunton Vivary followed a similar pattern to recent matches. We won 3 rinks to two and lost overall by 10 shots.
Winscombe 83 v Taunton 93 : A Pow,L Van Haaren,K Whatling,M Adams 21 - 14; WAinsworth,K Horler,B Andrews,C Greenwood 13- 23; M Newing,G Lloyd,R Pike,G Neville 20 -18; D Phillips, R Lowis,P Fredersdorff,M Nash 10 - 22;M Bravery,M Rolls,D Johnson,T Watts 19 - 16

Tuesday 16th May 2023
County Pairs - Chris Greenwood and Dave Brown had a close match with a pair from Taunton Vivary eventually losing 17 - 21. Hard luck both!
Wessex League match at Isle of Wedmore resulted in yet another close match which we lost by 4 shots:
Winscombe 49 vf Wedmore 53:Tina Darkin, Eve Watts, Sue Lowis, Angela Ainsworth 21-12; Jane Bolton, Joan Hunt, Lorna Whatling, Margaret Howell 16:20; Pam Rolls, Yvonne Greenwood, Angela Bougourd. Chrissie Bryant 12:21;

Monday 15th May 2023
The Friendly match v North Petherton, reduced to Triples across 4 rinks, was lost by 5 shots .
We won on 2 rinks and drew one.
Winscombe 61 v N Petherton 66:R Bolton,L Van Haaren,C Greenwood 19 - 15; T Poole,T Atkinson,M Rolls 7 - 21;M Newing, J Hart,M Nash 22- 18; M Williamson,L Collier,B Kibble 17 - 12;

Saturday 13th May 2023
A Team lose on all rinks at Portishead RBL.
Winscombe A 50 v Portishead RBL B 69: B Andrews, D Brown,G Coombe, M Dorrington 19 - 25; M Newing,C Bryant, A Watts, G Neville 14 - 17; D Leach, D Peakall, C Greenwood, D Fletcher 17 - 27
B Team win on 2 rinks but lose on one and could not make up the deficit. Lost by 5 shots overall .
Winscombe B 54 v Congresbury B 59: D Kibbey,A Pow,R Lowis,R Kibble 7 - 25;G Poynter,K Whatling,P Fredersdorff,B Paul 19 - 16;W Ainsworth,K Horler,J Sprouting,R Pike 28 - 18

Friday 12th May 2023
National 2 x 4's Competition - we lose on both rinks at Clevedon
P John,C Greenwood,B Paul,M Fletcher 9 - 18; D Kibbey,D Johnson,M Smart,G Neville 12 - 26

Ladies win in Friendly against Banwell .
Winscombe:45 v Banwell 41: Yvonne Greenwood, Pauline Pow , Barbara Smart 12:20; Lin Coombe, Trish Van Haaren, Joan Hunt 14:11; Shelley Carson, Angela Bougourd, Sue Lowis 19:10

Wednesday 11th May
In the National Top Club Competition - we travelled to Willmott Park in Bristol and on a very heavy green lost on all 5 disciplines.

Tuesday 10th May 2023
Our Ladies have a narrow loss at Congresbury in our first Wessex League match. Won 2 rinks to one and lost by 2 shots. So near!
Winscombe 50 v Congresbury 52. Away Wessex League : Rink 1 Shelley Carson,Yvonne Greenwood,Pauline Pow  , Sue Lowis  Won: 22-14;    Rink 2Pam Rolls,Joan Hun'tAngela Bougourd,Chrissie Bryant Won: 18-12 ; Rink 3 Tina Darkin, Barbara Smart, Margaret Howell , Angie Ainsworth Lost: 10:26

Monday 9th May 2023
Tony Alcock National Mixed Rink Competition
We win in the rain - the match was conceded after 10 ends
Winscombe 20 v Portishead RBL  10
Rink scores: Dave Brown, Pauline Pow, Chrissie Bryant, Mike Smart 11 - 3 ;Pam Rolls, Margaret Howell, Brian Paul, Chris Bryant  9 - 7

Sunday 8th May 2023
Winscombe v Chew Stoke NSBA KO Cup at Winscombe . We won 138 - 69: Peakall, Pike, Dorrington, Neville 34-14,Rolls, Poole, Greenwood, Watts 21-16 , Ainsworth, Brown, Andrews, Coombe 22-15, Kibbey, Lowis, Johnson, Bryant 39-9  , Newing, Trenchard, Nash, Smart 22-15.

Tuesday 2nd May
Weston Over 55's
:Winscombe lost a very close game to Ashcombe despite sharing the rinks by 13 shots ( 92 -105 ) - We won 2 rinks; drew 2 rinks and lost on 2 rinks . Winscombe 6 points Ascombe 14 points.
Peakall Paul & Ellis 14-14; Brown Andrews & Coombe 19-15; Keenan Bryant & Fletcher    16-15; John Smart & Neville    13-18; Rowe Tape & Lacy    21-21; Ainsworth Sprouting & Watts 9-22
Sunday 30th April
We lost 68 - 97 against Wyrral Park at Winscombe. Mid-morning it looked like we would not start but the drizzle disappeared and everyone seemed to enjoy a good day. Dave Brown (18 - 12) was the only winning rink. The visitors could not field 18 men so, they had three ladies in their team.

Friday 28 th April
We beat Clarence Blues in our first Over 55's game of the 2023 season winnning on 4 rinks losing on 2 and by 108 shots to 96 - Winscombe 16 points Clarence 4 points.
C Greenwood Lacy & Ellis 21-12;;John Smart Neville 24 -10; Brown Andrews & Coombe 13 - 20; Sprouting Bryant & Fletcher    21 - 9; Rowe Tape & Adams    24 -15; Johnson Peakall & Watts    5 -30

Thursday 27th April
On a horrible wet night we played 2 matches in the National 2 x 4 rink Competition.
Winscombe A team played a Bath team masquerading under a 'Bath C' misnomer. Regardless of their title this was a Bath first team.
Winscombe battled the elements and their opposition to finally lose on both rinks 10-19 and 10-17 . Overall 20 - 36

In the other match Winscombe B played Norwest B and won on one rink 25 - 15 and lost 14 - 18 on the other to WIN overall 39 - 34

Saturday 22nd April

Our first game of the season against old friends and rivals resulted in a loss on all but one of the 5 rinks. Our one winning rink was skipped by Mike Adams with Wilf Ainsworth, Derek Phillips and Peter Cast.
Tom Ellis rink with Captain of the day Ken Whatling,Darren Kibbey and John Sprouting managed to give a lead of 17-10 away by conceding 12 shots over 4 ends.

Winscombe 67 v Banwell 106 (Home Friendly)

Saturday 15th April

Finally some lovely sunshine and Blue skies to start our season with the traditional match between 'The Presidents Team' and 'The Captains'.
After photographs,the Presidents wife Lorna delivered the first wood of the season on a perfect green.

All 67 playing members then took part in a spider in aid of the Club's Charity Children's Hospice South West.
And so 2023 season began - but it was soon downhill for The President's Team who despite changes to personnel after 10 ends lost on all 7 rinks - although on two by only 2 shots and 3 shots!
An enquiry into the selection process only confirmed the inadequacies of The President and Vice President!

Everyone had a splendid afternoon rounded off in The Club House were 80 members enjoyed an excellent supper.
Speeches and presentations to the highest winning rink and much gloating by both Captains concluded a great day of friendship and camaraderie..

Friday 31st March 2023

A great 'Musical Evening' put on by Chris Greenwood with two excellent bands.
We loved the music and 'The Lights' !!

First Silverline -folk meets pop. great local musicians - were very good and got the feet tapping!


Followed by Ochre Trail - Iris Jig meets sea shanties- another very talented group of local musicians

And the well attended evening loved it!!


Thursday 5th January 2023

Since the long hot summer of 2022 Brian had a secret!
He had guarded it carefully allowing a few teasing remarks to escape from time to time.
Brian had been on The Repair Shop - the BBC's popular programme where people take an item with a 'back story' to be repaired by experts.


So what was Brian's Story?

As we know Brian is one of our resident musicians and languishing under his bed was a small copycat tape recording machine which accentuated the tone of his guitar.
Dating back to the 1950's Brian had used it to give 'the wooow' when he played in his group.

Brian was excited to get his copycat tape machine back working with a new handle crafted by Suzy but there is more.........


What wasn't revealed on the show was that the first time he went to collect his repair it wouldn't work!
He was asked to wait and some two hours later was asked to come back next week which is the version we saw last night!

So a story within a story. He also got to play his guitar on the telly. Well done Brian! You can see the full episode here on Iplayer
BBC iPlayer - The Repair Shop - Series 11: Episode 4

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