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NEWS 2021


AGM 10th November 2021

At the AGM the Life Membership Committee bestowed 'a shocked' Ken Whatling with the honour of Life Membership for his services to The Club over the last 20 years!
life member

Week Ending 18th September

Club Championship Finals at Winscombe
The Men's Club Singles was won once again by Mike Adams but he was given a very good game by Chris Bryant . It was neck and neck until 13 - 13 when Mike Adams started picking up shots consistently despite a series of very close ends.
A high quality match!
In the Ladies Club Singles Final Pauline Pow won by one shot to take the title from Ladies Vice Captain Angela Bougourd . This was the reverse of her match in the Ladies Pairs Final where , with partner Angela, she lost by one shot to Joan Hunt and Ladies Captain Chrissie Bryant. Exciting games!
Full Results and Lots of Photos on the Competitions Page

Ladies v Men. A lovely afternoon for bowls ! A very inexperienced Ladies Team put up a great show but Chrissie had to present The Mike Roberts Tropht to Dave!
Before the game a photo reproducing the one taken in 1922 at The Opening of The Green was taken of all members present.



Week Ending 11th September
Winscombe entertained 4 tourist sides - two men's sides and two mixed.
First up were Abercarn from South Wales. The boys from the valleys sang for us and had a good time . They would not like to discuss the outcome of the game as they were met a crushing defeat!


Notts County first came to Winscombe in 1933 and have visited nearly every year since then. After an absence last year because of Covid they were welcomed again as old friends to celebrate the Winscombe Centenary! Three of the players had been coming to Winscombe for 25 years.
Before a meal and after the game , gifts and warm words were exchanged by Winscombe Captain of the day Lew Collier and Notts County Captain Bennie Glover in recognition of our long friendship.
Notts County(Andy Bake) presented a lovely outdoor clock to the club and received various Centenary gifts from Winscombe including two smaller clocks which Lew presented to Brian Clarke(photo) and Bennie Glover.The 'boss's head' was not part of the gift!!.

bigclocksmall clock

The match was a resounding win for Notts County. Winscombe won on just two rinks - the scores:-
Winscombe 89 v Notts County 137: W Ainsworth, K Whatling,P Fredersdorff, M Adams 18 -17; P John, M Rolls,B Kibble,N Hansford 8 -32;D Peakall,D Phillips,D Brown,G Coombe 13 - 22;G Keenan,R Lowis,M Nash,J Sprouting 16 -27; P Cast,A Pow,M Dorrington,M Fletcher 23 - 17; M Newing,D Johnson,B Paul, T Ellis 11 - 22

Week Ending 4th September
In the Final of the North Somerset Bowls Association KO Cup Winscombe were at a disadvantage as they were playing Portishead RBL on their green! The result was a win for the home team by 10 shots overall but Winscombe won on two of the five rinks and lost on another by just one shot. So near but yet so far!
Winscombe 90 v Portishead RBL 100: P John,C Bryant,J Sprouting,D Tape 16 - 15;G Keenan,D Brown,G Coombe,M Fletcher 25 -16; W Ainsworth,P Fredersdorff,R Lacy, T Ellis 17 - 25; M Newing,D Peakall,T Stone, G Neville 13 - 24;T Rowe,M Smart,M Dorrington, M Adams 19 - 20
A comprehensive win for Winscombe at Ashcombe in 'a friendly'by 50 shots!
Winscombe 123 v Ashcombe 73:: K Whatling,M Nash, P Fredersdorff, D Tape 21 - 11; C Bryant, R Lowis, G Coombe, M Adams 28 - 16; T Rowe, D Johnson, B Paul, T Ellis 17 - 18; W Ainswortj, A Pow, D Peakall, G Neville 37 - 4; M Rolls, G Keenan, D Brown, M Fletcher 20 - 24
Winscombe had a very enjoyable afternoon playing a touring side from Ledbury. This match was previously arranged for 2020 but was postponed due to Covid. Ironically they were unable to play their fixture at Ashcombe because of Covid 'scare' there!
The match result was a narrow win for Ledbury .

Week Ending 28th August
In a Mixed Friendly match against neighbours Banwell Winscombe lost by 20 shots. We had one winning rink thaks to the Pows and Sproutings!
Winscombe 55 v Banwell 75: M Newing, A Bougourd,D Leach,G Coombe 11 -17; A Pow,P Pow, M Sprouting, J Sprouting 21 - 17, G Poynter,B Smart,S Nash, M Nash 14 - 16; SJ Stone, L Coombe,T Stone,P Fredersdorff 9 -25
No less than eight Tourist sides are booked in to play at Winscombe in the run in to the end of the season. Many having cancelled their visit scheduled for 2020 because of Covid.
One of these were Newbury and Hungerford. In a 7 rink match they won their first match of their tour by 15 shots. Winscombe won on two rinks and narrowly lost by one shot on two others. Scores:
Winscombe 113 v Newbury and Hungerford 128: D Phillips, MT Mooney, S Nash, M Nash 19 - 10; K Whatling, G Webb, M Smart, G Coombe 26 - 14; C Hopes, J Bolton, R Fisher, M Adams 17 - 18 ; A Pow, M Howell, K Horler, S Lowis 11 - 22; K Webber, L Coombe, A Little, P Fredersdorff 11 - 27; T Darkin, Y Greenwood, B Smart, D Brown 14 - 21; P Pow, M Williamson, B Kibble, M Sprouting 15 - 16
One of the winners on the day were South West Children's hospice who benefit from a club rule which requires players who send down a 'wrong bias' to donate £1 via our friendly 'pig'! This match saw 5 players contribute . One or two more than once! Our generous visitors added more to our chosen charity collection when they also passed the pig around the packed club house.


They shall be nameless!

Week Ending 21st August

Winscombe have won the Weston & District Over 60's Cup 5 times since 2010 . However, not this year, as they were comprehensively beaten in the Semi Final away at Clevedon Prom . This was clearly a revenge mission, as it was only a couple of weeks since they defeated The Prom on their green in the semi final of the North Somerset Bowls Association KO Cup. This time Winscombe only won on one rink skipped by Graham Neville to lose by over 40 shots overall! Scores:
Winscombe 68 v Clevedon Prom 113 : D Peakall,M Smart, J Sprouting 7 -23; D Brown, G Coombe,M Fletcher 13 - 15; G Keenan,D Tape,M Adams 11 - 22; D Johnson,W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff 14 -24; B Kibble, T Stone, G Neville 16 - 7; P John, M Dorrington,T Ellis 7 - 22
In a Mixed tourist game against St Margarets from Birstall in The Potteries a very inexperienced Winscombe side were again beaten.
Winscombe 101 v St Margarets 151: C Hopes,A Bolton, B Paul, C Bryant 16 - 12; D Phillips,K Horler,W Ainsworth, M Sprouting 14 - 22; K Webber,J Bolton,S Nash, J Sprouting 6 - 30; T Rowe, MT Mooney,J Hunt,C Bryant 13 - 25; D Johnson, P Burns,B Smart, M Nash 15 - 22; A Pow, T Darkin, M Howell, D Brown 22 - 22; P Pow, L Coombe, M Smart, G Coombe 15 - 18
With the SCL League cancelled Winscombe B team played a team from Nailsea at home in a friendly.Winscombe won on one rink and lost on the other two losing overall by 15 shots.
Winscombe 49 v Nailsea 64: C Greenwood, K Whatling, P Cast, D Johnson 24 - 17; P Lowis,K Horler,G Poynter,B Paul 10 - 23; D Phillips, M Williamson, A Little,C Bryant 15 - 24
Winscombe have played Bath home and away for many years. An unusual game as it is a 21 ends triples game. This year the match at Bath for The Sydney Gardens Trophy had to be cancelled because of Covid but the home match was played but the trophy not awarded this year.Winscombe won by 13 shots overall.
Winscombe 111 v Bath 98: M Rolls, B Kibble, M Adams 33 - 16; T Rowe, M Smart, T Ellis 20 - 20; M Nash, K Whatling,P Fredersdorff 21 - 24; P John,W Ainsworth,M Adams 20- 20; M Newing, B Paul, G Neville 17 -18
The Weston Over 60's League match saw Winscombe playing at Portishead RBL and winning by 15 shots.
Winscombe 68 v Portishead RBL 53 : M Nash, D Tape, M Adams 11 - 22; P John,R Lacy,T Ellis 20 - 12; M Smart,M Fletcher,J Sprouting 14 - 19; C Bryant,T Stone,G Neville 23 - 10;

Week Ending 7th August
Semi Final NSBA KO Cup at Clevedon Prom: Wiscombe won 95 to 90. Weather wasn't good - heavy rain showers 'till most rinks had played 15/16 ends, and last 2 ends played in almost nil visability.
Some cracking Bowling across the rinks in spite of the weather. Nip and tuck between the teams over last few ends. Winscombe will play in The Final at Portishead on Sunday 29th August apponents not decided yet.
Winscombe 95 v Clevedon Prom 90: T Rowe,D Kibbey, M Dorrington, M Adams 25 - 16; P John, C Bryant, J Sprouting, D Tape 15 - 14; M Newing, K Horler, T Stone, G Neville 15 - 21; W Ainsworth, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy, T Ellis 22 - 19; M Nash, D Brown,G Coombe, M Fletcher 18 - 20

The Centenary Celebration match against The Patrons :

photo credit Mavis Adams

Some guests were present too!
l to r Greenkeeper and Life member Lew Collier ,Mr and Mrs Jim Lukins (ex Somerset President and Life Member) and Tom Ellis.


The match resulted in a win for The Patrons by 22 shots.
Winscombe 92 v Patrons 114: SJ Stone, A Bougard,C Bryant, J Sprouting 22 - 17; D Kibby,S Nash,P Fredersdorff,M Dorrington 7 - 24; G Keenan,Y Greenwood,N Hansford,G Coombe 7 - 26; M Newing, L Coombe,T Stone,M Adams 20 -10; W Ainsworth,C Bryant,D Peakall,D Johnson 19 -21; M Trenchard,M Sprouting,M Nash, M Fletcher 17 - 16

The cancelled SCL match against Burnham was rearranged as a 5rink Triples match . Winscombe won the day 4 rinks to one and by 19 shots
Winscombe 93 v Burnham 74: M Nash, P Cast,W Ainsworth 16 -13;G Poynter,D Leach,A Little 25 - 8;M Newing,R Lowis,C Bryant 19 - 13; D Phillips,R Fisher,G Neville 24 - 17;D Peakall,K Horler, M Smart 9 -23
In the Over 60's match at Clarence Winscombe won on two rinks,drew on one and lost on one, Overall Winscombe won by 8 shots.
Winscombe 67 v Clarence 59: P John, R Lacy,T Ellis 14 - 11; J Sprouting, D Tape,M Adams 23 - 11; D Peakall,T Stone, G Neville 15 - 15; D Brown,G Coombe, M Fletcher 15 - 22

Week Ending 31st July

In two Over 60's Matches Winscombe came second . At Clevedon Prom the deficit was 7 shots and at Home to neighbours Banwell it was 8 shots.
In both matches Winscombe had been well in the game until the closing ends.

The Marjorie Stewart Inkstand Trophy was played at Winscombe this year against Madeira BC Exmouth.
This beautiful and different silver trophy has been played for every year (apart from last year) since 1950 at alternate venues. It is a triples match played over 21 ends. Winscombe's win this Centenary year has levelled the results over these 70 years to 35 wins each!
As is the tradition after the match the presentation ceremony requires members to stand and shake the hands of their opposition, remembering their friendship and Marjorie and Ernest Stewart.
Winscombe 140 v Madeira 92 :M Newing,R Lacy, T Ellis 35 -9; G Keenan,C Bryant,D Tape 16 - 19;K Whatling,M Nash,P Fredersdorff 24 - 19; D Brown,G Coombe,M Fletcher 21 -19; T Rowe,T Stone,G Neville 22 - 12; W Ainsworth,B Paul,M Adams 22 - 14
Wedmore Plate at Taunton BC.
On an extremely wet and stormy night at Vivary Park , despite puddles of water on the green, play carried on and Winscombe lost on all four rinks and exit this competition.
Winscombe 59 v 89 Taunton : G Keenan, M Rolls, M Fletcher, G Coombe 14 - 26; C Greenwood, C Bryant, D Brown, M Adams 15 - 16; T Rowe, K Horler, R Lacy, G Neville 17 - 19; M Newing, D Kibby,T Stone,D Tape 13 - 28

Week Ending 24th July

In the North Somerset Bowls Association KO Cup Winscombe romped to the semi final with a decisive win over Clevedon BC.
Week Ending 17th July

Continuing our Centenary Celebrations Winscombe entertained The Barbarians on a beautiful sunny day. This was a men's game reduced to 18 ends as it was very hot! The match was won by Winscombe by just 5 shots overall .
Rink Scores:Winscombe 93 v Barbarians 88:- P John,M Rolls, K Whatling,M Adams 12 - 17; M Newing K Horler, D Peakall, R Lacy 20 - 10;A Pow ,B Paul, D Tape 14 - 12; M Williamson, C Bryant,T Stone, T Ellis 16 - 14;W Ainsworth,T Watts, D Brown, M Fletcher 18 - 13; P Hopes, D Johnson, J Sprouting, G Coombe 13 - 22

Against St Andrews in the Over 60's the match was marred by one of the St Andrews players feeling unwell. It was a very hot day. That rink was abandoned after 9 ends. Winscombe collected all but 1 point from the match.
Winscombe 64 v St Andrews 37: T Rowe,W Ainsworth,J Sprouting 17 - 9; D Brown, G Coombe,M Fletcher 9 -7 (A); P John,R Lacy,T Ellis 23 - 6; C Bryant,D Tape,M Adams 15 -15

Week Ending 10th July

Covid Precautions affect Winscombe Centenary Match.
Winscombe's second special Centenary Celebration match was against a Somerset Bowls Association Persidents Team. The match was to be 3 rinks of Men and 3 rinks of Ladies . However, one of the Somerset Ladies had tested positive for Covid and two others also had to self isolate. As a result it was decided that the 3 ladies rinks would not visit Winscombe.Unfortunately as The President's wife Celia Whitemarsh, had been in contact too, both Celia and her husband Tony, President of SBA, were also unable to attend. Senior Vice President Barrie Dando, assisted by match Secretary Paul Davies and Junior vice president Richard Soper led the SBA team.
Winscombe Ladies Captain Chrissie Bryant brilliantly rearranged her ladies into a round robin triples competition with players representing key England football stars and prizes were awarded to the winning triple . It turned into a fun afternoon.
Meanwhile the 3 men's rinks escaped the worst of the showery afternoon and Winscombe won on all 3 rinks and the match by 19 shots. Also invited as special guests for the day were Jane Lloyd (nee Mabbutt) who is a grandaughter of of one of the original members and grand niece of one of the founders accompanied by husband Gerald - who is a member of the club. Also invited as a special guest was John Moore who is a grandson of one of the founders of the club - Herbert Moore.Winscombe have provided five Somerset Presidents and one of them was also invited to the day - Jim Lukins. All enjoyed an excellent meal after the game which rounded off aother enjoyable day.

Winscombe 65 - SBA 46 C Bryanr,K Whatling,P Fredersdorff,M Fletcher 22 -12; W Ainsworth,D Brown,G Coombe,M Adams 21 -19,D Peakall,B Paul,J Sprouting,G Neville 22 -15

President Mike Adams and Senior Vice President SBA Barrie Dando

Other matches included a visit to Wellington BC in the first round of the Turnbull Cup which they lost by 17 shots 63-80, although they shared the rinks 2-2. Winscombe will now play in the Wedmore Plat eagainst Taunton BC
Winscombe v Wellington ( Turnbull Cup away): G Greenwood, D Peakall, D Johnson, M Smart 8 - 25; G Keenan, M Rolls,D Brown, G Coombe 20 -12;A Pow,D Kibby,T Stone,D Tape 18 - 17;M Newing,K Horler,A Little,P Fredersdorff 17 - 26

Winscombe lost at Wyrral Park by 16 shots .
Winscombe 67, Wyrral Park 83 :D Phillips, M Newing, B Paul 13 -14; A Pow, M Smart, T Stone 6 - 21; R Lowis, K Horler, D Tape 13 - 18 ; C Bryant, D Johnson, W Ainsworth 15 -18; M Rolls, D Kibbey, P Fredersdorff 20- 12

 Week Ending 3rd July

Bowls England Centenary Celebration Visit.

Bowls England visited to play our first Centenary Celebration game. Unhappily Winscombe lost on all rinks but enjoyed a day to remember!

In the Presidents Shield match against St Andrews , reduced to 6 Triples, Winscombe lost on 4 rinks,drew on 1 rink and won on 1 rink. They also won the match by 4 shots.
An outstanding performance by Tony Rowe, Dave Peakall and Dennis Tape who won 30 - 5 secured the victory!

Week Ending 26th June
In a friendly at home Winscombe had a confortable victory against Wyrral Park Glastonbury.
Winscombe 82 v Wyrral Park 59(Friendly Home:D Phillips, R Lowis,B Paul 29 - 15; M Newing,K Horler,C Bryant 28 - 10; A Rowe,M Rolls,P Fredersdorff 8 - 20; K Poynter, P Cast,D Peakall 17 - 14
In the Weston Over 60's league at Yatton Winscombe won on three of the four rinks and by 13 shots.
Winscombe 66 v Yatton 53(Over 60's): D Peakall, J Sprouting,M Nash 17 - 14;D Brown, G Coombe, M Fletcher 20 -13;P John,T Stones,G Neville 18 -13; T Rowe, R Lacy, T Ellis 11 - 13

So near but yet so far.In the 2nd leg of the Parrot Shield Competition Winscombe needed 15 shots to overcome their first leg deficit. They got 13! Wins on 4 rinks and only one narrow loss was not quite enough.
Winscombe 98 v Banwell 85(2nd leg Parrot)::G Keenan, D Brown,D Tape,G Neville 17 -19;T Rowe,D Kibby,C Bryant,W Ainsworth 22 - 18;P John, N Hansford, G Coombe, M Fletcher 18 -14; J Sprouting,D Peakall,T Stone,M Dorrington 20 -14M Rolls,M Nash,P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 21 - 20

The traditional Greenkeeper's Competition saw 12 pairs of men drawn to compete in a league format over 4 x 10 ends matches. The Pairs with the highest number of wins and shots competed in a very high standard final.
John Sprouting and Mike Smart won on the last end beating Rob Lacy and Derek Phillips . They were presented with the lovely antique cup by Jill Westlake wife of the founder of the competition Colin .

Picture : Mike Smart, John Sprouting Jill and Colin Westlake, Derek Phillips Rob Lacy.and Colin Westlake


Week Ending 19th June

In the National Men's 2 x 4 Rink Competition Winscombe lost by 13 shots. One rink was well beaten but the other skipped by Mike Fletcher came back from a 10- 0 deficit after 6 ends to win by 3 shots picking up 8 shots on the last 3 ends.
Winscombe 23 v Portishead 36 Away: G Keenan, K Whatling,T Stone, M Adams 8 - 24;D Brown,D Kibby,D Tape,M Fletcher 15 - 12
In the Weston Over 60's League Winscombe lost to Portishead RBL at home.Winscombe drew on one rink, lost another by one shot on the last end and another by 2 shots, whilst the Captain's rink was always playing catch up in the second half of the game .
Winscombe 64 v Portishead RBL 77: P John, T Stone, G Neville 18 - 20; G Keenan, J Sprouting, R Lacy 15 - 16; M Newing, W Ainsworth, M Adams 17 - 17 ;D Brown, G Coombe, M Fletcher 14 - 24
Friendly Rinks: D Phillips, K Horler, M Nash 13 - 21; M Smart, K Whatling, P Fredersdorff 18 -19
The first leg of the annual derby matches against near neighbours at Banwell for The Parrot Shield resulted in a narrow win for the Home side. At one stage Winscombe were 30 shots ahead but let this slip across all rinks in the closing ends.Banwell won on 3 of the 5 rinks.
Winscombe 86 v Banwell 101. It's all set up for an exciting second leg at Winscombe with the overall score deciding the winner.

The Ladies have withdrawn from The Southey Cup because they cannot raise a team to play Bridgwater in the first round.

Week Ending 12th June

Winscombe beat Victoria Saxons by 2 shots. The win would have been better had the captains rink not dropped a 5 on the final end.
Winscombe 58 v Victoria Saxons 56 Away: D Brown, G Coombe,M Fletcher 13 - 14; P John,T Stone, G Neville 12 -21; G Keenan,R Lacy, T Ellis 14 -9; M Newing,N Hansford,M Adams 19 - 12

Winscombe complete the double with a comprehensive win at home by 28 shots.
Winscombe 82 v Victoria Saxons 54 Home: D Brown,G Coombe, M Fletcher 19 - 18;J Sprouting,R Lacy, T Ellis 27 - 8; G Keenan, T Stone, M Adams 16 - 15; P John, B Paul, G Neville 20 - 15

In the quarter final of the Weston & District Over 60's KO Cup Winscombe won on 3 rinks to one and by 19 shots overall against friends and rivale Banwell. They move once again into the semi final.
Winscombe 84 v Banwell 65 (Weston Over 60's Cup): P John, M Dorrington,G Neville 25 - 15; G Keenan,R Lact T Ellis 23 - 13; M Newing,N Hansfore, M Adams 15 - 24; D Brown,D Tape,M Fletcher 21 - 13

At Long Ashton - Winscombe Ladies won on two rinks and very narrowly lost on the third rink.An honourable draw!
A friendly against Clevedon Prom resulted in a home win by 2 rinks to one!
Winscombe 38 v Clevedon Prom 36 : P Pow,L Coombe, A Ainsworth 14 -8;C Bryant,B Smart,L Parfitt 13 - 8; L Whatling,A Bourgourd,M Sprouting 11 - 20

Week Ending 5th June

Winscombe won in both North Somerset Bowling Association Knockout Cup Competitions and progress to Quarter Finals.
In the Four Dimensions in which clubs compete in all four disciplines of lawn bowls – singles, pairs, triples and rinks – Winscombe beat Clevedon 3 -1.
In the singles Captain David Brown romped to an impressive 21 -13 win. The pairs were the only losers. The rink skipped by Mike Adams also had a clear win 20 shots to 11.
The closest and keenest fought tussle was in the Triples were Greg Keenan, Geoff Coombe and Mike Fletcher won by 1 shot on the last end!
In the Knock Out Cup Winscombe visited Clarence to play 3 rinks ( reduced from 5). Winscombe won on 2 rinks to 1 and by 9 shots overall. Tom Ellis made a fine come back in the last few ends to win by 2 shots and Mike Adams rink were always ahead winning by 10 shots.
Winscombe 63 v Clarence 54 Away: G Keenan; D Kibby; R Lacy; T Ellis 17 -15; W  Ainsworth; K Whatling; G Neville; M Adams 26-16; D Brown; D Peakall; T Stone; M Fletcher 20-23

Winscombe suffered two defeats in their latest Over 60's fixtures away to Burnham and St. Andrews. On a challenging green at Burnham, after 15 ends Winscombe led 54-52 across the green but dropped shots to eventually lose 62-70 picking up 4 points.
At St Andrews the game was even closer with the hosts eventually winning 63-67 picking up 9 points to Winscombe's 3.
Winscombe 62 v Burnham 70 Away: M Nash, K Whatling, M Adams 15 -24; G Keenan, R Lacy, T Ellis 19 -11; D Brown, G Coombe, M Fletcher 19 - 15; P John, P Fredersdorff, G Neville 9 - 20
Winscombe 63 v St Andrews 67 Away: 
W Ainsworth, K Whatling, M Adams 19 - 19; P John, T Stone, G Neville 19 -13; D Brown, G Coombe, M Fletcher 9 - 18; G Keenan, R Lacy, T Ellis 16 - 17

Winscombe won the friendly match vs Ashcombe by three rinks to one and by 85 shots to 58.

In their first match of the season Winscombe Ladies lost at Yatton by 2 rinks to one. .
Winscombe 34 v Yatton 46 Friendly Away: P Pow, L Coombe, M Sprouting 10 - 19; S Lowis, C Bryant, L Whatling 9 - 16; C Hopes, M Howell, A Ainsworth 15 -11

Week Ending 29th May
Winscombe Men lost on all four rinks in a friendly against Congresbury.
Winscombe 46 v Congresbury 85 Home Friendly: M Newing, K Horler, B Paul 8 - 29: D Phillips, R Kibble, M Nash 12 - 19; A Rowe, P Cast, C Bryant 12 - 17; M Rolls, R Lowis, D Johnstone 14 - 20
In the National 2 rink Mens Competition Winscombe B played Wilmott Park Bristol and lost on both rinks
Winscombe B 25 v Wilmott Park A 38 Away: T Rowe, W Ainsworth,P Fredersdorff, G Neville 12 - 22; P John, M Nash, M Dorrington, R Lacy 13 - 16
Winscombe Over 60's completed a comprehensive victory against Yatton picking up a maximum 12 points. Captain Mike Fletcher's rink won 28-5 and Tom Ellis's rink won 28-10 with the two remaining rinks scoring well on the final ends  to ensure a win on all four rinks.
Winscombe 93 v Yatton 41 Home: T Rowe,K Whatling,M Adams 20 - 16;P John, T Stone,G Nevelle 17 - 11; D Brown, R Lacy, T Ellis 28 - 10; G Keenan,G Coombe,M Fletcher 28 - 5


Week ending 22nd May
Winscombe Over 60's started off their fixtures with two wins and a defeat. In the first game against Victoria Vikings in the Over 60's cup Winscombe had a comprehensive victory winning on all 4 rinks 90-41 with Graham Neville's rink winning 33-8
Winscombe 90 v Victoria Vikings 41 Away: G Keenan,B Paul, M Adams 18 -11; P John,G Coombe, G Neville 33-8; D Brown.T Stone, M Fletcher 23-13; C Bryant, R Lacy, T Ellis 16-9
Against Clarence blues in the League Winscombe picked up 8 points winning 81-63 thanks mainly to Mike Adams rink winning 27-8
Winscombe 81 v Clarence Blues 63 Home : P John,W Ainsworth, G Neville 21-22; T Rowe, P Fredersdorff, R Lacy 11- 21; D Brown, G Coombe, M Fletcher 22-12; R Kibble, K Whatling, M Adams 27 - 8
In the third game Winscombe suffered  defeat at Banwell 62-84 with wins on two rinks picking up 4 points, captain Mike Fletcher's rink winning 26-14
Winscombe 62 v Banwell 84 Away: R Kibble,P Fredersdorff, T Ellis 13 - 29; G Keenan, J Sprouting,G Neville 10 -29; D Brown,B Paul,M Fletcher 26 - 14; M Nash,R Lacy, M Adams 13 - 12

Week Ending 1st May 2021

President Mike Adams raises our Centenary Flag which will fly proudly all year. flag

Fixed Jack Competition - was held on two days due to demand .
The Result of the Fixed Jack Competition was a win for Mike Newing and Mike Fletcher:-
Winner : Mike Newing and Mike Fletcher. Total Points 177
Second: Tony Stone and Greg Keenan. 162 points
Third: Mike Adams and Adrian Pow.: 158 points
Fourth: Dave Johnson and Michael Smart: 155 points
Fifth: Brian Paul and Dave Brown: 149 points
Sixth: Gordon Pointer and Dave Peakall: 146 points
Seventh: Rowena Keane and Chris Bryant: 142 points
Eighth: Pauline Pow and Mike Nash: 138 points
Ninth: John Sprouting and Keith Horler: 136 points
Tenth: Chrissie Bryant and Margaret Howell: 115 points
Eleventh: Chris Greenwood and Carol Hopes: 111 points
Twelve: Maureen Sprouting and Angela Bougourd: 109 points
Thirteenth: Ken Whatling and Lynn Parfitt: 102 Points
Fourteenth: Barbara Smart and Joan Hunt: 93 points


Saturday 17th April

A Full Programme of Celebration matches has been put together for your enjoyment during the year with games with Bowls England,Somerset County,The Patrons,The Barbarians,

Opens the green with first bowl of the season & raises 'Our Centenary Flag'

mikeflag We win v Barbarians by 5 shots Full Result Here

Somerset Patrons match on Sunday 1st August - photos

Winscombe Bowling Club opened their 100th Anniversary Season on Saturday 17th April with a somewhat different format due to the Covid 19 pandemic restrictions.
Members observed a two minute silence to respect the passing of Prince Phillip .
The club is also aware that their chosen charity, Children’s Hospice South West, is celebrating their 30 years anniversary and intend to hold regular events throughout the season to continue their support .
A traditional ‘spider’ was held to start off their fund raising.
The President Mike Adams then opened the green and delivered the first bowl of the new season (photo attached).
A Pairs match followed between the President and Captains across 6 rinks and included the maximum 24 players allowed. The result was a narrow win for the Presidents Team. Prizes were awarded to the spider winner and best winning rink.
So many members wanted to ‘get bowling again’ that they are going to repeat it all again on Sunday 18th , so that another 24 members can enjoy a beautiful afternoon on a magnificent green.
To celebrate their Centenary, Winscombe are offering Free Membership this year to all new members.
Open Days will be held on Saturday 8th May, Saturday 15th May and Monday 31st May all 10.00am to 12 noon. Or you can phone their Recruitment Officer Chris Bryant 01934 260400.

Thursday 15th April

This is the first News item posted since 2019 which must be News in itself!

Covid 19- Continues to be a problem with some teams cancelling or postponing Fixtures until after 21st June.
Victoria have postponed their Over 60's matches and Norwest cancelled this years Fixture.
Their main issue is that currently there is no car sharing and together with poor parking at some clubs they have taken this decision
At the moment we have decided to play if we can raise teams prepared to travel?

Opening day(s) will take place on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April.

Our new President Mike Adams, advises he has 48 members wishing to play and pairs matches have been organised.